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Media Release - Access to Lower Herbert May Be Compromised Tonight

18th January 2023

The Hinchinbrook Local Disaster Management Group (LDMG) met this afternoon to consider the latest forecast of weather conditions from the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM).

Rises are still being observed throughout different sections of the Lower Herbert and based on current modelling, access issues to the Lower Herbert may eventuate tonight and into Thursday 19 January 2023.

The projected forecast is as follows:

  • Halifax 4.50m (moderate) at 7.00am tomorrow, Thursday 19 January 2023; and
  • Ingham Pump Station is currently at 7.79 metres and rising. A below minor peak (10.0m) is likely this evening, Wednesday 18 January 2023.

Anabranch Bridge at Bemerside submerges at around 8.9 metres (Ingham Pump Station) and Halifax Washaway at 8.7 metres (Ingham Pump Station).

River heights may be observed on the Hinchinbrook Disaster Dashboard and residents are reminded that a flood camera has been installed on the Anabranch Bridge for public viewing.

“Residents of the Lower Herbert are requested to consider their travel plans for tonight and tomorrow in case the roads are closed due to the predicted flood heights, and to take the required action to get to or from home” said LDMG Chair Ramon Jayo.

“It is not anticipated that any residential properties will be affected based on such river heights, however, Council have made sand and bags available at both Cordelia (Carr’s) and Halifax (Bluelight premises) for any residents who wish to utlilise” said LDMG Chair Ramon Jayo. 

“People should also be aware that showers and thunderstorms in the upper catchment are still considered possible overnight and into Thursday, which could lead to further rises in the river” LDMG Chair Ramon Jayo.

For further updates and information please continue to monitor the BOM website, www.bom.gov.au and the Hinchinbrook Disaster Dashboard for river heights and further notices or updates that may be issued going into the evening.

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