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Public Interest Disclosure

Council's Public Interest Disclosure (PID) Policy outlines its responsibility to ensure that public interest disclosures are compliant with the Public Interest Disclosure Act 2013 (PID Act) requirements to investigate all public interest disclosures.

For a report to be considered as a PID, it must be from any persons with suspicions, concerns and/or information about:

  • A substantial and specific danger to the health and safety of all persons with a disability
  • An offence endangering the environment
  • Conduct which could be a reprisal

As defined in the PID Act a public officer (a person who is an employee, member or officer of a public sector entity) can make a PID if they have suspicions, concerns and/or information about: 

  • Official misconduct
  • Maladministration
  • An offence endangering the environment
  • Misuse of public resources

The PID should identify the incident or issue of concern in sufficient detail to enable an appropriate investigation to be conducted. Depending on the circumstances, disclosures should supply:

  •  The name and contact details of the discloser (desirable)
  • The nature of the alleged wrongdoings
  • Who they think was responsible for the alleged wrongdoing (if possible)
  • When and where the alleged wrongdoing occurred
  • Events surrounding the issue
  • Whether they did anything in response to the alleged wrongdoing
  • Others who know about the alleged wrongdoing and have allowed it to continue

Making a Public Interest Disclosure

Disclosures under the PID Act must be made to a proper authority:

  • In Person:
    Ethical Standards Unit
    25 Lannercost Street, Ingham QLD 4850

  • In Writing 
    Ethical Standards Unit
    Hinchinbrook Shire Council
    PO Box 366
    Ingham QLD 4850
  • Phone   
    (07) 4776 4600 
    Request to be transferred to the Ethical Standards Unit
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