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Current Procurement and Tender Opportunities

Council Procurement and Tender Opportunities

Hinchinbrook Shire Council have a number of procurement and tender opportunities which become available throughout the year. A current list of procurement and tender opportunities offered by Council can be found in the table below. 

For further Procurement and Tender opportunities and information on registering for Council Procurement Panels, please visit Council's Tenderlink page.

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Tender Details Contact Offer closes

HSC 18/03 Long Pocket Road - Road Widening
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Offers are invited for the road widening works on Long Pocket Road, Long Pocket.

Kyle Thomson
Technical Officer
(07) 4776 4706 Email

2.00pm Tuesday 20 February 2018

HSC 18/01 Small scale, low intensity, eco-tourism development on Pelorus Island
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Council is seeking Expressions of Interest (EOI) from private operators who would like to invest in a dream development opportunity on Pelorus Island. After submitting the initial EOI, invited applicants will then be required to detail their business proposal, following the criteria listed in the attached guidelines. With an expected tourism commencement date of May 2019, do not miss this opportunity to live what you love in Tropical Far North Queensland.

Rosemary Pennisi
Executive Manager Development, Planning and Environmental Services
4776 4761 Email

12.00pm Monday 26 February 2018

RF002279 - Capability and Feasibility Study into the potential growing of crops in the Herbert River District
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Capability and Feasibility Study into the identification of agricultural crops capable of being grown in the Herbert River district, including crops complementary to sugar cane.

Carol Fulton
Administrative Assistant - Executive Support
(07) 4776 4784 Email

5.00pm Friday 2 March 2018

RF002287 - Undertake a Review of Council’s Outdoor Works Employees - Spread of Working Hours
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As part of the Enterprise Bargaining negotiations, the AWU and CFMEU presented as part of their Log of Claims a
proposal to change the spread of working hours for Council’s outdoor Works employees from a 38 hour week, nine
day fortnight to a four day working week of 9.5 ordinary hours per day.

This project will detail the proposal with a report detailing advantages and disadvantages with a recommendation.

Roberta Jayasuria
Human Resource Services Officer
(07) 4776 4767 Email

5.00pm Wednesday 28 February 2018

RF002252 - Supply and Delivery of 45 Remote Water Pressure Monitors
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Hinchinbrook Shire Council is seeking quotes for the supply and delivery of 45 Water Pressure Monitors for deployment throughout Council’s water reticulation network. The units are to include all ancillary equipment for easy connection to existing water supply sources (Plan of existing units attached) and any software used to program, log, store and interrogate information received from the loggers. Council does have the ability to host/store the data from the units. The units will be permanently installed in the field to continuously pressure with the reticulation.

Haydn Grazioli
Technical Officer
(07) 4776 4605 Email

4.00pm, Thursday, 1 March 2018

RF002276 - Supply and Delivery of One Oversized Shoring Box
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Hinchinbrook Shire Council is seeking a quotation for the supply and delivery of One Oversize Shoring Box. The shoring box is to be used when digging a grave, to minimise cave-ins and stabilise the ground while interring the coffin. The specifications the shoring box is to meet are listed in the RFQ document. 

Ebbannie Wood
Local Laws Technical Officer (Cemeteries)
(07) 4776 4658 Email

5:00pm Friday 2 March 2018

Non-Council Procurement and Tender Opportunities

Department of State Development

For details of Non-Council procurement and tender opportunities available for the region, please view the below links. 

Click here for a further list of available tenders for the region from the Department of State Development.

Regional Development Australia Far North Queensland & Torres Strait (RDA FNQ&TS) collates information on upcoming tenders from government, corporate and private sectors. 
Click here to visit the Department of State Development website for more information.

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