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Current Procurement and Tender Opportunities

Council Procurement and Tender Opportunities

Hinchinbrook Shire Council have a number of procurement and tender opportunities which become available throughout the year. A current list of procurement and tender opportunities offered by Council can be found in the table below.

Council encourages suppliers to register on the VendorPanel Marketplace to be kept informed on current procurement and tender opportunities. To register for the VendorPanel Market place, please visit the VendorPanel Marketplace page.

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HSC 22/18 - Waterfall Creek Bridge Replacement (Design and Construct) El Alamein Road, Abergowrie
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Hinchinbrook Shire Council (Council) has allocated funding to undertake Waterfall Creek Bridge replacement works. The bridge replacement works are jointly funded by Hinchinbrook Shire Council and the Federal Government’s Bridge Renewal Program. Council has identified the need for Waterfall Creek Bridge to be demolished and replaced with a concrete structure.

Waterfall Creek Bridge is located on El Alamein Road approximately 750m from the Abergowrie Road intersection.

The existing bridge is a single lane bridge with 2 x 5.8m long spans which traverses Waterfall Creek. The bridge comprises of a timber girder and ply deck superstructure. The substructure comprises of timber piles and bracing wales and 2 x 300PFC steel headstocks. The deck has an asphalt wearing surface and it is delineated by means of stacked 200mm x 195mm plywood kerbs.

Note it is Council’s preference to have the construction works completed by early November 2023.

Kyle Thomson
Procurement Coordinator
4776 4665 Email

2.00pm, Friday 3 March 2023

Procurement Process Conditions

The Procurement Process Conditions are the terms and conditions that are included as part of a Request for Tender or Request for Quotation, which set out the procedural rules that will govern a tender or procurement process, including the requirements for a compliant Tender and the evaluation criteria and process for evaluating, selecting and/or rejecting tenders received. 

Procurement Process Conditions

Standard Terms and Conditions - Goods and/or Services

The Standard Terms and Conditions govern the purchase of goods and/or services by Hinchinbrook Shire Council. Council may incorporate these Standard Terms and Conditions for Goods and/or Services into a contract with a Supplier. However, the Standard Terms and Conditions for Goods and/or Services will not apply to any engagement for which Council has provided a written contract incorporating alternative terms and conditions to the Supplier.’