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No Slash Zone Register

This Register allows residents to nominate that the road frontages of their property are not to be slashed by Council.

The No Slash Zone Register applies to local Council roads only and supports responsible land owners who are working to manage pest and weed species along the boundary of properties fronting road reserves throughout the district. For further information on identifying and managing pest and weed species visit our Land and Pest Management page

Once registered, guideposts (as pictured below) will be installed to indicate the start and end of the No Slash Zone, these physical indicators are essential for Council or contractor slashers to differentiate between frontages of properties which are self-managed.


Slashers will not slash areas registered unless the No Slash Zone indicators are removed, requested to be removed or it becomes evident that the road frontage is no longer being maintained by the property owner and has become overgrown for an extended period of time.

To register your road frontage as a No Slash Zone, please follow the link below or contact Council on 4776 4671. Please ensure when providing information about your property to Council that you give specific details of where the No Slash Zone will start and end.

CLICK Here to register your road frontage as a No Slash Zone

No Slash Zone Register 

The below locations are currently listed on the No Slash Zone Register. 

Area Location 
Abergowrie Sheahans Road - Start of Midway Creek to the end of Sheahans Road
Abergowrie Moores Road (All of road)
Abergowrie 83 Dalrymple Road (Frontage of property)
Abergowrie 217 Dalrymple Road (Frontage of property)
Abergowrie Carrig Dowhn Road (All of road)
Abergowrie Hobsons Road (All of road)
Abergowrie 3 Elphinstone Pocket Road - Lot 6 SP116052 and Lot 11 SP116052 (Frontage of property)
Bambaroo Jourama Road - Lot 37 on CWL352; Lot 36 on SP186112 (Both sides of road)
Bambaroo Gap Creek Road - Lot 2 on RP736507
Bambaroo Zammits Road - Lot 114 on CWL3034, Lot 6 & 8 on RP713068, Lot 2 on RP73650
Bambaroo Zammits Road - Lot 2 RP723029, Lot 26 CWL304, Lot 2 RP713069, Lot 2 RP734052 (Both sides of the road)
Bemerside 452 Gangemis Road (Property side to creek)
Bemerside Merrybank Road and Fulton Drive - Lot 3 CP884191 and Lot 10 SP208304
Blackrock 23 Casanovas Road 
Halifax 276 Mona Road - Lot 1 RP709562, Lot 3 and 4 SP237046
Halifax Marinis Road - Lot 2 RP707770 and Lot 1, 3 and 4 RP703817
Hawkins Creek 179 Golloglys Road - Lot 142 on CWL3075, Lot 98 on CWL2880
Hawkins Creek Hawkins Creek Road - Ch 1465 - 1925 (Both side of the road)
Helens Hill 41 Miltons Road/Allendale Road
Helens Hill 732 Pappins Road
Helens Hill Miltons Road from Frances Creek onwards
Helens Hill Helens Hill Road (All of road)
Helens Hill 530 Pappins Road
Helens Hill Grassos Road - Lot 2 & 3 on RP730655
Helens Hill Grassos Road - Lot 2 on RP730521
Helens Hill Railway Road - Lot 10 RP908278
Helens Hill Pappins Road - Lot 11 RP710271 (Right side road frontage of farm)
Helens Hill Pappins Road and Miltons Road - Lot 1 RP 737184
Helens Hill Pappins Road - Lot 4 RP804441 (Property side of road)
Ingham Area 154 Cemetery Road (Both sides of property)
Ingham Area Halifax Road (Ch 1.65 - 2.95)
Long Pocket 129 Sheahans Road - Lot 1 RL4627 & Lot 2 RP804437
Long Pocket 2355 Abergowrie Road - Lot 9 RP911647 (Property side)
Macknade Bullock Paddock Road (Ch 1800 - 3310)
Macknade Mill Road (Ch 350 - 880)
Macknade Morleys Road (Ch 810 - 2160)
Macknade Bullock Paddock Road (Ch 1800 - 4280)
Macknade Kemps Road (Ch 1910 - 3280 LHS & Ch 2120 - 3280 RHS)
Macknade 173 Neames Inlet Road
Mt Fox 471 Oak Hills Road (Ch 4490 - 4870)
Peacock Siding 1220 Stone River Road - Lot 5 RP749363 (Property side of road) 
The Orient Orient Road (Start of Winkles grid to end of Bronte Road)
The Orient Orient Road (Continuation from Winkles grid to Humpty Back Bridge)
Trebonne Stone River Road - Ch 290 to 3615 (Start of Rankin Street intersection - both sides)
Trebonne Abergowrie Road - Lot 2 RP721959 (Property side of road)
Trebonne Hamleigh Road - Lot 2 RP723375 (Property side of road)
Trebonne Abergowrie Road - Lot 2 SP291548 (Property side of road)
Trebonne 140 Stone River Road - Lot 1 SP291548 (Property side of road)
Trebonne 221 Stone River Road - Lot 8 RP862124 (Property side of road)
Trebonne Kehls Road - Lot 2 RP730406 (Property side of road)
Upper Stone 113 Exelbys Road 
Upper Stone 83 Allens Road (from access to 83 Allens Road to end of Allens Road)