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Resupply to isolated properties

Are you isolated during flood events?

If you know that your property is isolated during a flood event, you should have enough food, water, fuel and medications stored prior to an event that will last three to four days at minimum. Preferably, you should be prepared to be self sufficient for seven days.

You have a fundamental responsibility to help your self and your family and you can fulfill this obligation by being well prepared.

When it comes to extreme weather events in Queensland, it’s not so much a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when’. The more prepared we all are, the faster we’ll bounce back afterwards.

Resupply is the supply of essential goods to individuals who are isolated from retail facilities due to normal transport routes being inoperable as a result of a natural event or events.

Isolated rural properties may include primary producers and smaller towns or outstations that cannot access retail facilities in order to maintain sufficient levels of essential goods.

In order for the process of re-supply to meet your needs, you must determine your essential food requirements for the week/fortnight, seven (7) days in advance.

The State government has introduced a policy to resupply those isolated during times of natural disaster.

For more information on how to be prepared if you are isolated during flood events click here

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