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Pest Management

Biosecurity Obligation

It is crucial for individuals, communities and local authorities to work together in managing and controlling pest animals and weeds. These invasive species can have significant negative effects on various aspects of our lives, including the economy, environment and social well-being.

The responsibility outlined in the Biosecurity Act 2014 places an emphasis on individual landowners to ensure that their properties remain free from declared pests. This is otherwise known as a General Biosecurity Obligation (GBO). This not only protects the landowner's interests but also contributes to the broader efforts in maintaining ecological balance and biodiversity.

Hinchinbrook Local Government Area Biosecurity Plan

To help reduce the impacts of pest animals and weeds, the Hinchinbrook Local Government Area Biosecurity Plan (HLGABP) was developed, and is reviewed annually, by a variety of stakeholders to provide a strategic direction for the management of both declared and other priority pests within the Hinchinbrook Shire.

The various declared priority and environmental weeds and pest animals that are known to exist locally are prioritised and actions plans created to provide key information on controlling the pest. 

By staying informed about the specific weeds and pests that pose a threat in the region, landowners can take proactive measures to address and prevent their spread. This kind of community engagement and cooperation is vital for the success of any biosecurity initiative. 

The current HLGABP can be found below:

Hinchinbrook Local Government Area Biosecurity Plan 2023-24

Biosecurity Programs
Invasive Plants and Animals Program

The Invasive Plants and Animals Program conducted by Hinchinbrook Shire Council is a proactive and essential initiative to monitor and address biosecurity threats in the region.

By focusing on specific invasive species such as Pond Apple, Acacia Glauca, Thunbergia, Hygrophila, Mikania Vine, Singapore Daisy, Feral Pigs, Wild Dogs, and Tramp Ants, the program is targeting a diverse range of potential ecological disruptors.

This program's objectives, to confirm the presence and determine the extent of invasive biosecurity matters, are crucial steps in managing and mitigating the impact of these species on the local ecosystem. Early detection and prompt action can be instrumental in preventing the spread of invasive species and minimizing their negative effects.

Invasive Plants and Animals Program 2022-24
Prevention and Control Program

The Prevention and Control Program, which allows Council officers to enter certain lands and provides powers to monitor, advise, and direct landholders' responses to biosecurity risks, further strengthens the region's ability to manage these issues effectively.

By engaging landholders and offering guidance on best practices, the Council is taking a proactive role in promoting a collaborative approach to biosecurity.

It's important for landowners to be aware of these programs and to cooperate with Council officers to ensure the success of biosecurity measures. This collaborative effort between the community and local authorities is essential for creating a resilient and sustainable environment.

Prevention and Control Program 2022-24

Further Information

Hinchinbrook Shire Council can help you, with advice on weeds (i.e. identification, control methods) within our region and on animal issues such as possible baiting and trapping programs. 

Please contact Council's Biosecurity Team on 4776 4740 for the necessary assistance.