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Drain Maintenance

Stormwater is the run-off from rain that falls on a roof or paved area like a driveway, road or footpath that flows into a stormwater drain. Council maintains a complex stormwater drainage network which includes many different types of drainage structures such as:

  • Unlined drains (including natural waterways) and concrete-lined open drains
  • Underground pipes and culverts
  • Grates and other inlet or outlet structures

The drainage network is designed to be mostly self-managed, with intervention required only in the event of component failure.

Drainage easements

A drainage easement is a portion of land that a property owner has granted to Council to enable the carriage of stormwater through to the main drainage system.

Illegal dumping of green waste and household rubbish in waterways, easements and drains increases the risk of flooding to properties and costs millions of dollars in property damage across the region.

Under the conditions attached to an easement, detailed on a current title search, a property owner must not obstruct the free flow of water along the drainage pathway.
Dumping waste, planting garden beds or building fences across the flow path are all examples of activities that can obstruct stormwater flow. Property owners should be aware that if a drainage easement is deliberately obstructed, they can be held liable for any damage caused to adjacent and neighbouring properties.

To report any drainage concerns, please contact us.