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Economic Development

Growth of the Region

The identification of opportunities to enhance the economic viability of our communities is a key priority for Council. To this end we will implement strategies to achieve a strong and sustainable local economy that supports the growth of new and existing industry and business activities that enhance local lifestyle and provide long term employment opportunities.

Economic Development Strategy

A 2015 snapshot of the Hinchinbrook Shire in terms of jobs, tourism and agriculture, identifies confronting statistics that underpin a case for change and the creation of a robust economic development strategy. It is clear that despite the region’s extraordinary natural assets and tight knit community, the Hinchinbrook Shire is economically falling behind relative to the rest of Queensland. Without innovative change the ‘business as normal’ trajectory indicates further economic decline. To ensure we are shaping the future for Hinchinbrook correctly, we have created the 2020 Economic Development Strategy which is a five year plan to create economic stability.

 View the document here, 2020 Economic Development Strategy

Enhancing the Business Experience

Council has a clear vision in making the Hinchinbrook Shire one of the most business-friendly regions in North Queensland. To achieve this, Council encourages the establishment of new and innovative businesses that are sustainable financially and environmentally and provide a long-term benefit to the Hinchinbrook Shire community.

Business Assistance Scheme

Council is committed to securing the attraction of new industry and innovative business to complement and/or add value to or significantly expand upon the already existing businesses and assist economic and employment growth. Council is willing to provide incentives and other assistance in accordance with this Policy to support that commitment.

Council recognises that the creation of employment for the shire is one of the most critical challenges that it faces. One of our key goals is to achieve a sustainable and growing economy through:

  • Competitiveness and employment opportunities, and
  • The attraction of new and innovative businesses to the Shire.

Business Resources

Small Business Entrepreneur Grants Program

The Small Business Entrepreneur Grants Program provides new small businesses access to professional advice and support in the critical early stages of establishing a business.

Want more information on how you can get assistance of starting or improving your business? Follow the links provided below.

Small Business Entrepreneur Grants Program

Starting a Business

Running a Business


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