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Roadside Memorials

Hinchinbrook Shire Council recognizes the distress caused when a loved one is lost through a road accident. When touched by tragedy, family and friends may find a roadside memorial can help to comfort and heal, while also serving as a timely reminder to the community to drive carefully.

Council can provide support to family and friends at this time, by helping everyone understand the requirements to install a roadside memorial at a safe location.

Our foremost concern is to ensure that all road users are provided with a safe road environment. We also want to ensure that family, friends and road users are safe while a roadside memorial is installed and visited.

This information sheet refers to Hinchinbrook Shire Council's Local road network. Council advises that the Department of Transport and Main Roads’ Information Brochure, which applies to State controlled roads, is available from the Department’s website— www.tmr.qld.gov.au

Description of a Roadside Memorial

A roadside memorial is a physical token/object denoting a memory of a person(s) killed on or near a local road.

One suggested memorial is a white cross, installed using the specified dimensions outlined in this brochure.

Council will consider other memorials on a case-by-case basis.

By following the guidelines, everyone is assured that memorials can be easily maintained and will cause minimum distraction to other road users.

A name and date may be recorded on the memorial and flowers may also be attached.

At all times, please take care when attending a roadside memorial. Family and friends are urged to park their vehicles safely and clear of the road.

Requirements to Install a Memorial

These guidelines will assist in the installation of a memorial:-

  • It is essential that a roadside memorial does not interfere with traffic on Council's road network or on the road’s operation, to ensure everyone’s ongoing safety.
  • Roadside memorials should be contained within the following dimensions:
    • Height 750 mm.
    • Width 500 mm. 
    • Depth 400 mm (below ground level).

In the interest of the safety of other road users and the safety of persons installing memorials, there are a number of locations where the placement of memorials is restricted. Examples of locations where memorials are not permitted include traffic islands, medians and roundabouts or where they may interfere with any traffic control devices. Further details can be provided by contacting Hinchinbrook Shire Council's Infrastructure Assets and Design Team on (07) 4776 4600.

How to Apply to Install a Memorial

A formal permit is not required; however, you will need to complete an easy-to-use information form.

This form and fact sheet is available from Hinchinbrook Shire Council office, 25 Lannercost Street, Ingham, or via download below.

Once completed, the form is to be returned to Council office. 

At all times, Council staff will assist family and friends to understand the requirements of the guidelines.

What to do if the Location Does Not Comply with Safety Requirements

Hinchinbrook Shire Council's staff can suggest alternative locations which are safe for both drivers and memorial visitors.

Length of Time to Stay in Place

Memorials may be in place indefinitely, provided they are regularly maintained by family and friends and do not become a road safety hazard.

Indemnity or Public Liability Insurance

Those responsible for installing a roadside memorial will not be asked to arrange indemnity or public liability insurance.

Relocation and Removal of a Memorial

There may be times when roadworks are required at the location of a roadside memorial. When this is needed, Council will safely and carefully relocate the memorial for the duration of the works and then replace it, if possible.

Every attempt will be made by the Council to consult those affected prior to the removal or relocation of the memorial. If the memorial obstructs the completed roadworks, it may be moved to a new location, following contact with those affected. 

In instances when a roadside memorial becomes a road safety hazard, relocation or removal will occur in a safe manner. Every effort will be made to contact those affected before removal or relocation.

For more information or to apply for a roadside memorial, please download the policy and roadside memorial information form below.

Hinchinbrook Shire Council’s roadside memorial information forms are also made available at the Hinchinbrook Shire Council’s front counter.