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About Council

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Citizenship Ceremonies

Hinchinbrook Shire Council Citizenship Ceremonies

Community Events Calendar

A place where you can find and share events that are happening in the Hinchinbrook community.


Policies and Procedures

Council's General Policies are statements of the principles and/or values that Council will take into consideration during its decision making processes. Policies are in place to fulfill the community's needs and are continually being reviewed and updated. The policies approved by Council are listed below:

Corporate Services Policies - Compliance

Council Policies Under Review                     

A major policy review is currently under way. As existing policies are updated or new policies are adopted, this Policy Register will change accordingly. Any questions regarding the policy register should be directed to the Executive Officer.

  • Animals - Procedures of Impounding
  • Animals - Registration of Dogs & Goats
  • Burials - New Ingham and Halifax Cemeteries
  • Burials - Old Ingham Cemetery
  • Cemetery Reservations for Monuments
  • Impounding of Stray Animals - Pound Establishment and Operation
  • Ingham Show Pavilion Aluminium Display Stands
  • Issue of Statutory Health Notices
  • Potted Plants on Footpaths
  • Protection of the Environment
  • Regulated Parking - Use of Parking Bays for Building/Public Works
  • Sidewalk Seating Areas
  • Smoking in Public - Complaints
  • Support for Events Policy
  • Use of Council Parks & Recreation Areas
  • Vegetation Planting on Road Verges and Urban Footpaths


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