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Local Road Conditions

Council endeavours to keep residents up to date on current road conditions including during disaster and emergency situations.

Always drive to the conditions of the road

Whilst Council makes all efforts to ensure that information is accurate and up to date, it is not possible for Council to provide current information on all roads in the district. 

Road users on all roads must remain vigilant to the possibility of water over road or damaged road conditions, and should apply discretion and consider the relevance of this information with regards to their own particular circumstances.

Residents are reminded to never drive, walk or ride through flood waters. "If It's flooded, forget It."  Exemptions may apply in situations where an authorised agency opens a submerged road under controlled traffic circumstances.

Signage Definitions 

Road Closed: Means the road is closed to ALL traffic.  

Water Over Road: Means that you can proceed with caution, after making your own assessment. Entering the water is at your own risk. 


For information regarding roadworks that Council is undertaking please visit the Current Roadworks page.

List of State Controlled and Local Roads

Conditions on the following main feeder roads (State Controlled and Local Roads) will be updated on Council's Disaster Dashboard at approximately 7.00am and 2.00pm during wet weather or flooding events.

State Controlled Roads and Streets 
  • Abergowrie Road (Abergowrie Bridge);
  • Abergowrie Road (Stone River Bridge);
  • Abergowrie Road (Trebonne);
  • Anabranch Bridge, Fulton Drive, Bemerside;
  • Eddleston Drive, Cordelia (Blue Butterfly Creek);
  • Fairford Road (Log Creek);
  • Forrest Beach Road;
  • Halifax Washaway, Eddleston Drive/Musgrave Street;
  • Halifax-Bemerside Road (Molasses Creek);
  • Herbert Street, Ingham;
  • Lucinda Road (Halifax to Lucinda);
  • Stone River Road; and
  • Trebonne Road.
Locally Controlled Roads and Streets 
  • Bosworths Road, Blackrock;
  • Cemetery Road, (Desjardins Crossing), Ingham;
  • Davidson Street, Ingham;
  • Dutton Street, Ingham;
  • Eleanor Street, Ingham;
  • Hawkins Street, Ingham;
  • Hawkins Creek Road (Dalrymple Creek Bridge), Hawkins Creek;
  • Lannercost Extension Road, Lannercost;
  • McIlwraith Street, Ingham;
  • Menzies Street, Ingham;
  • Newtons Crossing Road, Upper Stone;
  • Orient Road (Humpty Back Bridge), Orient;
  • Taylors Beach Road, Halifax;
  • Venables Crossing Road, Lannercost; and
  • Wallaman Falls Road, Wallaman.

State Road Conditions 

For more information regarding State Roads, please visit the QLD Traffic website or call 131940. 

QLD Traffic 

For information on the Management of State Roads during floods, please visit the Department of Transport and Main Roads website.