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Local Road Conditions

Council endeavours to keep residents up to date on current road conditions including during disaster and emergency situations.

Whilst Council makes all efforts to ensure that information is accurate and up to date, this data is collated from a range of sources and all users should apply discretion and consider the relevance of this information in regards to their own particular circumstances. Residents are reminded to never drive, walk or ride through flood waters. "If It's Flooded, Forget It."

Always drive to the conditions of the road

When floodwater starts to go down, do not drive over the roads until the road is open again.

Sometimes the road damage is not known until the road is completely dry and is being driven on again, always ensure that you drive carefully on roads that have been reopened because they may still be drying out.

Further information regarding local conditions can be found on the Hinchinbrook Shire Council, Disaster Dashboard.

For information regarding roadworks that Council is undertaking please visit the Roadworks page. The table below is specific to roads closed due to weather events.

Location of Road Nature of Condition Notification Time Details
Allendale Road, Helens Hill Road Open with Caution  11.00am Wednesday 23 January 2019

Allendale Road is open with caution. Motorists are reminded to drive to the conditions of the road. 

Newtons Crossing Road, Upper Stone Road Open with Caution 11.00am Wednesday 23 January 2019 Newtons Crossing Road is open with caution. Motorists are reminded to drive to the conditions of the road. 

State Road Conditions 

For information regarding state roads, please visit the QLD Traffic website or call 131940

QLD Traffic 

For information on the Management of State Roads during floods, please visit the Department of Transport and Main Roads website.

Flooded Roads Map

The Queensland Government Floodwater Safety Initiative has created a Flooded Roads Map which uses real-time data and user reports to give you a picture of the flood-risk for your journey, helping you plan a safer route from A to B. You can also report flooding incidents and share your alternative route suggestions to help other drivers arrive safely.

Flooded Roads Map