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Mayor and Councillors

Hinchinbrook Shire Council has seven elected Councillors who represent residents. 

The latest local government elections were held on Saturday 16 March 2024.

Notice of Uncontested Election Result

In accordance with section 34 of the Local Government Electoral Act 2011, the below notice advises that Mayor Ramon Jayo has been duly elected for Hinchinbrook Shire.

Notice of Uncontested Election Result

Notice of Election Results 2024

In accordance with section 100 (3) of the Local Government Electoral Act 2011, the below notice advises that the following person(s) has been duly election for Hinchinbrook Shire:

  • Patrick David Lynch;
  • Mark John Spina;
  • Donna Maree Marbelli;
  • Mary Elizabeth Brown;
  • Andrew David Carr; and
  • Kathrine Selina Milton.

Notice of Councillor Election Result 

Councillor Organisation/Committee Responsibilities

Councillor Organisation/Committee Responsibilities were resolved at the General Meeting held on Tuesday 28 April 2020.

Please see below a list of the Councillor Organisation/Committee Responsibilities.

Councillor Advisory Committees and Organisation Representation

Mayor and Councillor Contact Information

Mayor Ramon Jayo 1

Mayor Ramon Jayo

Address 104 Bullock Paddock Road Macknade
Postal Address PO Box 101 HALIFAX QLD 4850

Work (07) 4776 4602
Mobile 0427 875 607


  • Office of Mayor and CEO Advisory Portfolio

Deputy Mayor Mary Elizabeth Brown

Address 2511 Hawkins Creek Road Ingham
Postal Address PO Box 1271 Ingham QLD 4850

Mobile  0409 356 252

Email  mbrown@hinchinbrook.qld.gov.au


Councillor Andrew David Carr

Address 69 Eddleston Drive CORDELIA
Postal Address 69 Eddleston Drive CORDELIA QLD 4850

Email acarr@hinchinbrook.qld.gov.au 


Councillor Patrick David Lynch

Address 15 Gorton Street Trebonne 
Postal Address PO Box 1790 INGHAM QLD 4850

Mobile 0427 737 675

Email plynch@hinchinbrook.qld.gov.au 


Councillor Donna Maree Marbelli

Address 38 Marbelli Street Macknade
Postal Address PO Box 1479 INGHAM QLD 4850

Mobile 0408 180 542

Email dmarbelli@hinchinbrook.qld.gov.au


Councillor Kathrine (Kate) Selina Milton

Address Stone River Station 1 Milton Road Ingham
Postal Address PO Box 402 INGHAM QLD 4850

Mobile 0428 180 412

Email kmilton@hinchinbrook.qld.gov.au 


Councillor Mark John Spina

Address 2267 Abergowrie Road LONG POCKET
Postal Address 80 Lannercost Street INGHAM QLD 4850

Mobile 0409 584 900

Email mspina@hinchinbrook.qld.gov.au 

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