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Register of Current Contracts

Name Amount Purpose Date

Hino Motor Sales Australia Pty Ltd 


RF004870 – Supply and Delivery of One Crew Cab Truck with Crane

September 2021

Timrith Transport 


HSC 21/01 - Insitu Stabilisation of Pavements for Crisps Road, Liborios Road and Mullins Road

September 2021

Urban Play Pty Ltd 


HSC 21/16 - Design and Construct - Shade Structure for Rotary Park Playground

July 2021

Timrith Transport


HSC 21/04 - Supply of Topsoil for Warrens Hill Landfill Facility 

June 2021

Townsville City Council 


Regional Project, contract lead for the Flood Warning Infrastructure Network (FWIN) – North Queensland – Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangement (DRFA) Cat D project. 

June 2021

Transcape Constructions Pty Ltd 


HSC 20/21 – Trade Services and Trade Supplies to Install Irrigation in Rotary Park, Lions Park, Borello Park, Forrest Beach and Taylors Beach

June 2021

Keita Services Pty Ltd


HSC 20/26 – Kirks Bridge Replacement - Design and Construct - Liborios Road Upper Stone

May 2021

Molonga View Pty Ltd


HSC 20/23 – Supply of Quarry Products for Warrens Hill Landfill Facility

March 2021

D.J. Duffy Constructions 


HSC 20/28 Works for Queensland (W4Q) Seating and Information Shelters Construction

February 2021

St George Project Services


Project Management and Relief Engineering Services

February 2021

Urban Play Pty Ltd 


RF004289 - Rotary Park Playground Upgrade 

January 2021

Hitachi Australia


HSC 20/20 - Supply and Delivery of a Wheeled Loader model ZW180 for $302,000.00 (excl. GST) with a trade on current asset PA00117 Doosan DL200 for $60,000.00 (excl. GST) for a net change over of $242,000.00 (excl. GST).

December 2020

Fabtech Australia Pty Ltd


HSC 20/07 - Supply and Install of Bituminous Membrane 

December 2020

JMac Constructions Pty Ltd


HSC 20/17 - Works for Queensland (W4Q) Foreshore Redevelopment Footpath Works

December 2020

Richardsons Building Service


HSC 20/16 - Works for Queensland (W4Q) Dungeness Viewing Tower

December 2020

True Water Australia


HSC 20/18 - Design and Construct Forrest Beach Caravan Park Onsite Sewerage Treatment and Disposal System 

December 2020

Construction Equipment Australia


HSC 20/22 Supply and Delivery of one Backhoe Loader for $205,000.00 (excl. GST) with trade of current asset PA00106 JCB 3CX for $55,000.00 (excl. GST) for a net change over of $150,000.00 (excl. GST)

November 2020

Geofabrics Australasia Pty Ltd


HSC 20/24 Supply and Delivery of Geofabric Material - Warren's Hill Stage One Capping Project

November 2020

Lonergan Project Services


DFRA Program Management Services Contract Extension 

November 2020