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Wheelie Bin Collection Days

To find out the collection days for your General Waste (red) and Recycling (yellow) bins, please refer to Council's Kerbside Calendar below.

Kerbside Collection Calendar

The Kerbside Calendar is divided into two schedules. To find your collection days, please refer to your suburb or address in the appropriate schedule in the Kerbside Calendar. The General Waste will be collected weekly, whereas the Recycling will be collected every second week. If you would like to use Council's #DontWasteHinchinbrook app, please download the app from your app store, available for Android and iOS. This app will provide you with your own personal collection days and further information around waste in the Hinchinbrook Shire.

The domestic waste collection service runs 365 days a year regardless of public holidays. If the service is delayed, Council will advise residents via available media outlets of alternative servicing arrangements. Generally, if your bin has not been serviced by the due date, please leave the bin on the kerb as the wheelie bin should be serviced on the following day.

To prevent your wheelie bin from being missed, damaged or tipped over on collection day, please ensure that:

  • The wheelie bins are facing forward onto the street;
  •  Your bins are placed at least half a meter apart; 
  •  The bins are positioned on flat ground next to the roadside or kerbside;
  • The bin is not obstructed by vehicles or overhanging trees; 
  • The bins are not overflowing or too heavy (maximum of 70kg); and
  • The bins only contain items which are suitable for disposal. 

In case of a flood please do not put your wheelie bins out but secure them in your yard by tying them down as they will easily float away.

Report a problem with your bin service

Report a Missed Bin

Before contacting Council in relation to a missed bin service, please check the following: 

  • Did you place the bin out on time? Note that most of the waste trucks are equipped with a camera and it can therefore be verified whether a bin was out in time or not; 
  • Is it the correct day of the week for your service? Check the Kerbside Collection calendar (see above);
  • Is the bin overflowing? You must be able to close the lid to avoid waste spilling onto the street. An overflowing bin may not be serviced as it is uncompliant; 
  • Is your bin too heavy? Your bin may have been too heavy to collect as weight limits apply. Is there a sticker or letter left by the driver to indicate this issue?; 
  • Is there contamination in your bin? If your recycling bin is too heavily contaminated, you need to remove the contaminants for it to be serviced;
  • Are there any obstacles around your bins? The waste truck could not reach your bin.

To report a missed service, simply contact Council on 4776 4600.

Report a Lost or Stolen Bin

If your bin has been lost or stolen, please contact Council on 4776 4600. 

Note that there may be a cost associated with receiving a new bin, so it is important to keep your bins safe and secure. 

Report a Damaged Bin

If your bin has been damaged, please contact Council on 4776 4600. 

Note that there may be a cost associated with receiving a new bin, so it is important to keep your bins safe and secure. 

 All of the above options to report a problem with your bin can also be done via the #DontWasteHinchinbrook app, see banner above to download.