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Fees, Services and Interment

Cemetery Services

Hinchinbrook Shire Council offers the following Cemetery Services for the New Ingham Cemetery, Old Ingham Cemetery and Halifax Cemetery:

  • Reservation of a grave plot
  • Erection of a monument 
  • Interment 
  • Shelter hire 
  • Removal of remains (exhumation)

To request one of the above services, the following process needs be completed:

  1. Download and complete the relevant application form
    Please note: that for interment's and exhumation's the application form is generally completed by a funeral director and the application form for erection of a monument is completed by the business supplying the monument. 
  2. Return the completed application form to Council and pay the appropriate fee
  3. Council will respond to the service request with proposed actions / timeframes within 10 working days

To request Shelter Hire, please contact Council's Environmental Services section by phone 4776 4607 or by email environmentalservices@hinchinbrook.qld.gov.au

Fees and Charges

Detailed in the table below are fees and charges for commonly requested services. To view a full list of the fees and charges involved in Cemetery Services, visit our Fees and Charges page

Service Fee/Charge
Inground Burial - Adult  $761.00
Burial Plot - Adult $1,420.00
Inground Burial - Child under 5 years including stillborn $406.00
Burial Plot - Child under 5 years including stillborn $985.00
Mausoleum Vault $7,970.00
Interment - Mausoleum Vault $305.00
Interment - Ashes (Columbarium/Vault/Inground) $215.00
Interment - Columbarium Ashes (RSL wall) $210.00
Application for Erection of Monument  $102.00
Reservation - Columbarium Wall - Single Niche $270.00
Reservation - Columbarium Wall - Double Niche $540.00
Bond for inground burial concrete slab (required for Catholic, Anglican, Uniting and Lutheran Divisions) $800.00


The general process for interment is for the funeral director to contact Council and complete the relevant application form. After the relevant application form is completed and returned, Council will arrange site preparation.

Burials in Religious Denomination Areas

Please note that inground burials in religious denomination areas including Catholic, Anglican, Uniting and Lutheran Divisions require a full concrete slab to be constructed over the plot between 12 and 24 months after interment.

A bond is to be paid upon burial which will be held in trust by Council and refunded once the concrete slab has been constructed over the grave plot. Alternatively, the bond will be used by Council to construct the slab if not completed within the two year time frame.

Tasman Turtle's Picnic Day

Tasman Turtle's Picnic Day

Tasman Turtle’s Picnic Day is a free family event that focuses on being environmentally friendly.

Date: Saturday 28 May 2022

Time: 9.00am - 2.00pm

Where: TYTO Parklands

Cost: Free

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Make a Request

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