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Cemetery Locations

New Ingham Cemetery

The New Ingham Cemetery was opened in 1949 and the first recorded burial was 26 January 1949.

The Ingham Cemetery tells you a story of the deep diversity of culture and heritage found throughout the Hinchinbrook Shire.

This Cemetery is home to a wide array of mausoleums, predominantly in the Catholic Division. Older mausoleums were constructed using traditional materials - white stucco and marble, and feature Gothic-style windows and doors. Those built in more recent times are commonly flat-roofed with parapet surrounds and are finished with terrazzo and tiles. The first mausoleum was constructed for the Mammino family in 1952. The largest mausoleum in the cemetery was built for the Prestipino family in 1955, covers eight burial plots, and features a portico.

The New Ingham Cemetery is located 5kms from the Township of Ingham at Cemetery Road, Ingham Queensland 4850.

Halifax Cemetery

Earliest recorded burial was Sunday 22 February 1885, the Halifax Cemetery is still in use today and is located at 11-23 Rosendahl St, Halifax Queensland.

Old Ingham Cemetery

In 1926 the Hinchinbrook Shire Council took over the care of this cemetery. At the time, it was described by local poet Dan Sheahan as a 'swamp' and a ‘desolate hollow’ and suggestions were already being made by locals that an alternative site is found for a cemetery (now the site of the New Ingham Cemetery).

Earliest recorded burial was Wednesday, 12 September 1888. Interments can still be conducted in this Cemetery provided the family has a reserve or have the permission of a family to use their reserve.

The Old Ingham Cemetery can be found on the Bruce Highway, 2km South of the Ingham CBD.