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Hinchinbrook Shire Local Disaster Management

Hinchinbrook Local Disaster Management Group

Local Disaster Management Groups (LDMG) manage the response to a disaster event at a local level. The Hinchinbrook LDMG is chaired by the Mayor, and the Local Government Chief Executive Officer is the Local Disaster Coordinator of the Committee. LDMGs develop and maintain Local Disaster Management Plans for their Shire. The Hinchinbrook LDMG is best placed to decide what resources are needed, when they are needed, and how best to apply such resources so as to minimise hardship and suffering.

During response to disasters, the Hinchinbrook LDMG will provide regular updates via the Disaster Dashboard, to help provide more detailed information to both locals and their families outside the Hinchinbrook Shire.

Depending on the severity of the event, the Hinchinbrook LDMG will also establish a Local Disaster Coordination Centre which will be manned by trained Council staff, emergency services and key agencies to coordinate resources and information in response to a disaster event.

The Hinchinbrook LDMG will also be assisted by Local Area Wardens for many communities of the Shire. The Wardens will be the eyes and ears of the LDMG during events to help them make the best decisions possible.

Hinchinbrook Local Disaster Management Plan

The Hinchinbrook Local Disaster Management Plan (LDMP) sets out Council's strategies and practices towards enhancing our community's preparedness for and managing the consequences of a disaster. Council's key role in managing a natural disaster event on behalf of its community is to put in place mitigation, preparation, response and recovery strategies within its capabilities and resources.

The Hinchinbrook LDMP must reflect changes in the Hinchinbrook community, and is therefore reviewed annually to ensure it is relevant to the community as the Shire develops over time.


Recently reviewed Sub Plans of the Hinchinbrook Local Disaster Management Plan.