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Signage and Line Marking Maintenance

Council installs, maintains and renews signage and line marking across the Shire’s road network. These help provide guidance, visibility and delineation where separation from other traffic is required.

Types of signage include:

  • Regulatory signs such as stop and give way signs, speed limit signs and parking signs
  • Warning signs advising of upcoming changes in driving situations - these are usually yellow
  • Identification signs such as street and place name signs, and points of interest signs
  • Directional signs advising of the direction and /or location of places or points of interest
  • Information and educational signs
  • Temporary signs advising of short-term changes in conditions such as roadworks

Line marking refers to painted lines and symbols, as well as raised reflective pavement markers (RRPMs) which are also known as cats eyes.

Most signs have a 7 to 10 year lifespan with the most common fault being fading and loss of reflectivity. Painted lines and symbols are periodically tested for reflectivity and are renewed on a multi-year program.

To report any signage or line marking concerns, please contact us.