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Ageing in Place Committee

The Ageing in Place Advisory Committee has been established to provide advice to Council in relation to what makes Hinchinbrook Shire an aged friendly place to live, and what more could be done to enhance its overall age friendliness.

There is no formal or legislative requirement for Council to engage with the community in relation to Aged Services. However, the establishment of an Ageing in Place Advisory Committee provides an important forum for identifying current issues and advising Council about effective policy and service provision regarding older people in the Hinchinbrook Shire.

The Advisory Committee does not replace other forms of community engagement used by Council to consult with and engage with the community. The Ageing in Place Advisory Committee will complement and enhance community engagement.

It is Council’s objective to facilitate an age friendly community with all reasonably available and relevant needs and services catered for.

The provision and establishment of a well serviced and amenable community may be promoted as a catalyst for the attraction of retirees looking for quality environments for retirement and ageing in place thus creating a more vibrant industry for employment and economic diversification in the district.

The Ageing in Place Advisory Committee is a non-constituted committee of Council with a Councillor/s being nominated through the annual statutory appointment process to be a member of this Committee.


The Ageing in Place Advisory Committee will provide advice to Council about:

  • Current and emerging issues regarding the health and wellbeing of older people and issues affecting the area of aged services;
  • Strategic issues regarding positive ageing about which Council can advocate to the State and Federal Governments and other relevant authorities and stakeholders;
  • Ways that community services/benefits can be maximised and the success of the Ageing in Place Plan can be enhanced; and
  • Effective ways to engage with the Hinchinbrook community regarding positive ageing and the health and wellbeing of older people.

Council’s objective is to achieve:

  • A more engaged and informed community;
  • More effective strategic outcomes as a result of collaborative participation; and
  • Improved partnerships between Council and the community.