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Hinchinbrook Way Business Directory

Hinchinbrook Way Business Directory

Grant And Funding

For information and assistance with grant and funding opportunities available for businesses, please visit our Grant and Funding Opportunities page

How to Start a Business

Starting a Business

It can be an overwhelming task to start a business which is why the Queensland Government has created a one stop shop for all you need to know to start a business. Visit the Business Queensland website for more information.

Running a Business

Running a business takes a lot of time and energy. Often there are many questions about the ins and outs of operating a business and you may not know where to find the answers. The Queensland Government has a myriad of information on everything you need to know to run your business such as finances and cash flow, marketing and sales, employing people, customer service and consumer laws, workplace health and safety and many more. Visit the Business Queensland website for more information.

Calculating your costs when starting a Business

One of the most common causes of new business failures is not having enough cash to meet expenses, especially in the first 6-12 months of starting. But if you identify and plan for these costs, this is less likely to happen. You can use this guide to help calculate your start-up costs so you can avoid as many surprises as possible.

For more Information, visit the Business Queensland website

Find the Business Licences you need

The easiest way to obtain all Queensland, local and Australian government licensing information is to visit the Australian Business Licence and Information Service (ABLIS).

Working with Business Advisers

Getting professional advice is a vital part of any business. Professional advisers can include financial advisers, legal experts, accountants, bankers and insurance brokers. Whether you're starting a new business or growing an established one, a good adviser can help you:

  • identify and reach your business goals
  • negotiate contracts and other complex documents
  • understand and comply with rules and regulations
  • Minimise risk in your business.

This guide explores what types of business advisers are available, how to find the right adviser, how to build a successful working relationship with your adviser and, when necessary, when to end your involvement with an adviser

For more Information, visit the Business Queensland website

Working with Suppliers

Find out how to build good relationships with suppliers, manage your stock effectively and evaluate if you should import or source stock locally.

For more Information, visit the Business Queensland website

Advice and Support

Queensland small business assistance including resources, services, tools and support to help you start, run and grow your business in Queensland.

For more Information, visit the Business Queensland website

New Enterprise Incentive Scheme (NEIS)

If you want to start and run a new small business, you may be eligible to participate in NEIS, delivered as part of job active.

For more Information, visit the Department of Government Jobs and small business website

Back to Work

If you put on a new staff member, you may be eligible to access payments of up to $15,000 through the Queensland Government’s $100 million Back to Work regional employment package.

A Back to Work Employer Officer is also available to help you find the information and support you need to employ a jobseeker. To find out more, visit desbt.qld.gov.au or call 13 74 68.

Looking to Hire? 

Are you a business person thinking of hiring a young person? The Australian Government has a number of incentives to help you as an employer and young job seekers. For more information please click here to download the factsheet or visit https://jobactive.gov.au/.

The Australian Government has a number of different wage subsidies aimed at employing more of our eligible workforce. For more information please click here to read the wage subsidies summary

Workshop, Events and Training

Workshops and events are extremely beneficial for business owners as they aid in skill development. Such development can result in business growth and of course job creation.

Workshops and events are also a great place to network, creating partnerships and relationships with other businesses. There are a number of organisations who host business workshops and events such as:

Small Business Solutions

Small Business Solutions is the first government subsidised initiative of its kind, giving Queensland small business access to affordable, industry leading business mentoring, training and qualifications through skills recognition. For more information, visit the Small Business Solutions website.

Townsville Business Development Centre

The Townsville Business Development Centre (TBDC) is a not-for-profit organisation that provides advice and assistance to small and medium-sized businesses in Townsville and throughout North Queensland. 

For more information, visit the Townsville Business Development Centre website.

Marketing & Sales

Find out how to improve sales, market your business, and learn about tendering and building business relationships. 

For more Information, visit the Business Queensland website

Tips for improving your Business

As a business owner, you are probably aware of where your business could improve. Sometimes business owners want to improve their business, but are not sure how to begin.

This is an overview of some key steps you can take to start improving your business 

For more Information, visit the Business Queensland website

Trend Analysis for Business Improvement

Trend analysis is the process of comparing business data over time to identify any consistent results or trends. You can then develop a strategy to respond to these trends in line with your business goals.

This guide explains how you can use historical data to analyse trends and improve your business 

For more Information, visit the Business Queensland website

Ways to grow your Business

Growing your business can bring many benefits. For example, you can take advantage of new opportunities, expand your products or services, attract more customers, increase sales, and employ more staff.

Before taking action to grow your business, we recommend you consider why you want to grow, whether your business is ready to grow, and the many ways that your business can grow.

Growing your business is a big step that you should research and plan to ensure your business is sustainable. It is far better not to take on any new business than to take it on and find that you cannot finish it successfully.

If your business is already experiencing growth, there are still key steps that you can take to plan any future growth.

This guide will help you to understand if your business is ready to grow, and introduce you to some ways that you can do it. 

For more Information, visit the Business Queensland website

Responding to Rapid Growth

Rapid growth is part of many successful business cycles. It can happen as a result of a well-executed growth strategy or in response to an unexpected opportunity.

Rapid growth often follows a period of early success, when an organisation has seen only modest profits but is operating healthily.

If your business is experiencing a period of rapid growth, you may find that staff, production levels or clients greatly increase over a short period of time.

This guide provides information to help your business respond effectively to rapid growth. It contains strategies for dealing with growth, and provides practical advice for dealing with common issues such as cash flow shortages, staffing changes and outgrown premises.

For more Information, visit the Business Queensland website

Ways to transform your Business

Business transformation is more than just a strategy for growth or improvement; it's about completely reinventing the way you do business. The need to transform your business can be caused by changes in the market, technological advances, regulatory changes or increased competition.

There are many ways to be innovative. Strategic transformation involves a radical shift in the way you do business, but you could also choose to make incremental changes over time. You could improve how current products or services are used, develop new market opportunities, or change the way your business is run.

This guide explains how to implement business transformation in your business, including how to transform your business model, operations and processes to boost your success.

For more Information, visit the Business Queensland website

Exporting: The Basics

Global markets are vital to Queensland businesses. Every year, overseas trade and investment helps generate jobs and billions of dollars for our state economy. In fact, 1 in 5 jobs - 1 in 4 in the regions - is trade-related.

Growing your business through exporting:

  • gives you access to a larger pool of customers
  • spreads your risk
  • Reduces your dependence on the Australian market.

To find out if exporting is right for your business, you need to thoroughly research your options. It takes time and resources to develop export markets. If you are ready to export, you need to research how foreign markets work and how your business can successfully trade with these environments. A wide range of assistance, specialist advice and education programs are available to help you make the most of global markets.

This guide gives you information about exporting.

For more Information, visit the Business Queensland website

Tourism Resources

Resource for Tourism Businesses

The Queensland Government have created an excellent tool specific to tourism businesses called Grow Your Tourism Business: Tools, Resources and Funding. This booklet provides links on topics from starting a tourism business to improving customer service and experience and taking advantage of events.

Guide to tools, resources and funding available for Queensland tourism businesses

For more Information, visit the Business Queensland website

Information to help your Queensland tourism business, including marketing tips, staff retention strategies and toolkits, Follow the link

For more Information, visit the Business Queensland website


Entrepreneurs’ Programme

The Entrepreneurs’ Programme gives Australian business quality advice and support to innovate and grow. It provides you with the best advice and networks to help you solve problems grow and succeed. The Program offers practical support for businesses

For more information, visit the Business Queensland website.

Becoming an Innovative Business

Learn how innovation can benefit your business, how to become an innovative business and how to promote innovation within your organisation

For more information, visit the Business Queensland website

In starting up a business to commercialise an idea, you are entering the world of entrepreneurship and small business. In this pre start-up phase, you need to decide if this is the business and lifestyle for you

For more information, visit the Queensland Business website

YEP Cairns - The Young Entrepreneurs Project

If you are thinking about starting a business, no matter what stage you’re at, we can give you a helping hand. We can provide one on one mentoring, advice or coaching along with small group workshops run by local business owners.

We are hosting inspirational speakers, developing a resource bank for small business, and creating opportunities to build your connections so your business is a success.

This service is open to anyone in Far North Queensland (North of Ingham, South of Daintree, including the Tablelands) and importantly is offered at no charge – so take the first step with the confidence and support of our Entrepreneurship Facilitator.

For more information, visit the YEP Cairns website


Use the search engine below to find current Queensland Government tendering opportunities. The results page lists opportunities only. This data is refreshed once every 24 hours.

For more Information, visit the

Business Queensland website

Council Procurement and Tender Opportunities

Hinchinbrook Shire Council has a number of procurement and tender opportunities which become available throughout the year. A current list of procurement and tender opportunities offered by Council can be found in the table below. 

For further Procurement and Tender opportunities and information on registering for Council Procurement Panels, please visit Council's Tenderlink page.  Please note that this website is optimised for Google Chrome.

Non-Council Procurement and Tender Opportunities
Department of State Development

For details of Non-Council procurement and tender opportunities available for the region, please view the below links. 

Click here to visit the Department of State Development, Manufacturing and Planning website to find out more information on tendering and contracts.

Regional Development Australia Far North Queensland & Torres Strait (RDA FNQ&TS) collates information on upcoming tenders from government, corporate and private sectors. 
Click here to visit the Department of State Development website for more information.