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Tender Process

Advertising of Tenders

Tenders are advertised in the local Hinchinbrook newspaper the Herbert River Express and in some instances the Townsville Bulletin, on Council’s Facebook page and through Council’s website on the Tenders and Quotations page,  Current Procurement Opportunities tender documents can be picked up in person from Council Main Office, 25 Lannercost Street, Ingham Qld.

When downloading tender documents from Council's website, you will be required to submit your details before being able to download the tender document. This will allow Council to easily contact you if there is an amendment to the tender offer document.

In some cases, Council may have a pre-tender briefing to ensure prospective tenderers are fully aware of the scope of the tender, the tender documentation and the proposed commercial terms and conditions.

Tender Offer Document Information

A Tender Offer Document is generally made up of two parts:

Part 1. The tender specification which may include the following:

  • Condition of Offer
  • Conditions of Contract
  • Job Specification
  • Workplace Health and Safety
  • Environmental Management
  • Quality System Management
  • Addenda to Tender Documents
  • Acknowledgement by Offerer
  • Offer Costs
  • Submission of Offers
  • Evaluation of Tenders
  • Insurance
  • Periods of Non-Performance
  • Cancellation of Contract
  • Indemnity
  • Compliance with Laws and Standards
  • Termination for the Principal’s Convenience
  • Termination by the Contractor
  • Progress Certificate and Payment
  • Defects Liability Period
  • Bank Guarantees and Securities

Part 2.  Tender Response documents  (for offerer to complete)

These documents need to be completed and returned with your submission. (examples below)

  • Offer Form
  • Schedule of Bill of Quantities
  • Schedule of Contract Information
  • Schedule of Offerers Team and Experience
  • Schedule of Quality Management
  • Schedule of Environmental Management
  • Schedule of Insurance Details
  • Schedule of Local Content
  • Offer Submission Checklist

The person listed as the “Name of Offerer” becomes Councils point of contact. Updating details if necessary is essential.

Submission Details

Offers are to be submitted on the Offer Form provided. As per the specification detailed in the offer document.

Completed Offer Documents must be submitted prior to the closing date and time specified and are to be enclosed in a sealed envelope, endorsed and addressed to:

Name of Tender (for example HSC 16/26 McIlwraith Street Shared Footpath Network Construction)

The Chief Executive Officer
Hinchinbrook Shire Council
PO Box 366
Ingham QLD  4850

Alternatively, offers can be faxed via (07) 4776 3233 or emailed to Council via council@hinchinbrook.qld.gov.au. Please note if you intend to email or fax your tender documents to council please make arrangements with Councils Customer Service and Records Department on (07) 4776 4600 to ensure your offer is placed Council’s Tender Box by closing time.


Evaluation of tenders will generally be in accordance with the requirements of the Local Government Act 2009 (ACT) and other applicable Legislative Requirements. 

The ACT requires Council to have regard to the following principles:

  1. Value for money (Qualitative Criteria)
  2. Open and effective competition
  3. Development of competitive local business and industry
  4. Environmental protection
  5. Ethical behaviour and fair dealing

The evaluation panel takes into consideration the specified criteria.

Please ensure that you address all Criteria in a clear and concise response.

Tender Criteria example below:
Price 70%
Local Content 10%
Demonstrated capability, resources and systems to perform the services specified 10%
Past relevant project experience with similar contract 10%

Local Content

Local content criteria is utilised to encourage offerers to utilise local subcontractors and other support services by external contractors.

Local content schedules will require confirmation, via statutory declaration, prior to finalisation of the contract documentation to ensure offerers are engaging local subcontractors as detailed in the tender submission.

Should the contractor be unable to provide a statutory declaration to confirm local content prior to finalising the contract, Council reserves the right to abandon the finalisation of a contract.

Furthermore, the offerer must prove compliance with their nominated local content value through the submission of a statutory declaration at practical completion and at such other times as reasonably requested by Council.

Failure to meet the nominated local content value may result in the contractor is subject to a reduction in scoring as part of future offer evaluations.

Local Preference

Council encourages the development of competitive local businesses with the Hinchinbrook region.  When evaluating tenders or offers, Council will attribute up to 5% of the overall evaluation score for local preference.

Price 70% 70% 50% 65%
Local Content 10% 9% 5% 6%
Demonstrated capability, resources and systems to perform the services specified. 10% 6% 6% 9%
Past relevant project experience 10% 7% 6% 7%
Total 100% 92% 67% 87%
Local Preference attribution 5% 5% 5% 0%
Total with Local Preference 105% 97% 72% 87%

Local Business

Definition of Local Business: means a business which can reasonably be expected to either be beneficially owned by persons who are residents or ratepayers within the Hinchinbrook Shire Council area have its principal place of business within the Hinchinbrook Shire Council area otherwise have a place of business with the Hinchinbrook Shire Council which solely or primarily employs persons who are residents or ratepayers of the Shire.

The qualitative criteria is an important part of your tender submission. Without a response to this criterion, Council may deem your submission non-conforming.

Approval Process 


Insurance requirements are tender specific and copies of valid Certificates of Currencies must be included with your submission and maintained throughout the life of the contract. Failure to do so may result in removal from work sites

Council’s Minimum Requirements
  • Public and Products Liability (minimum $20,000,000.00)
  • Workcover or Income Protection (as appropriate)
Tender Specific
  • Plant and Equipment Insurance
  • Motor Vehicle Insurance
  • Professional Indemnity
  • Contracts Works

Supplier Performance

On completion of a contract Council must prepare an Evaluation of Supplier Performance within 2 weeks of the end of an engagement in the following circumstance

  • Every contractual arrangement of $200,000 or more
  • Every occasion where supplier performance is poor
Tips on submitting your Tender
  • Make sure you have read and understood the tender documents

  • Understand your client’s needs

  • If unsure of something ask questions

  • Make sure you sell yourself

  • Ensure your pricing is as competitive as possible

  • Be organised and ensure you meet the deadline

  • Address all criteria