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Littering and Illegal Dumping

Littering and illegal dumping costs Council over $40,000 a year. Waste related offences are addressed in the Waste Reduction & Recycling Act 2011.

Littering is the unlawful deposit of an amount of waste less than 200 litres (i.e. about the volume of a standard sized wheelie bin) and can include:

  • dropping cigarette butts;
  • depositing green waste (including palm fronds & grass clippings) on public land;
  • leaving items beside an over flowing bin;
  • putting household goods on the footpath in the hopes someone will take them; and
  • material flying out of a ute, truck or trailer.

Illegal dumping is the unlawful deposit of an amount of waste of 200 litres or more (i.e. more than would fit in a standard sized wheelie bin).

Littering and illegal dumping is a serious issue. It pollutes our environment and significantly diminishes the use, enjoyment and value of our public places for residents and tourists. It can facilitate the spread of disease and pest species, and harm wildlife, people and livestock.

The Department of Environment and Heritage Protection’s Littering and Illegal Dumping Online Reporting System (LIDORS) allows members of the public who have witnessed a littering or illegal dumping incident, the opportunity to report it to the department.

To report an incident that you have witnessed, click here

If you witness a person throwing a cigarette butt from a vehicle and can provide sufficient details of the incident, a fine of over $551.00 can be issued.

Other sources of waste may include Unsolicited Advertising Material (UAM). This refers to advertising material addressed ‘to the householder’ or ‘to the occupier’, or material left on the windscreens of motor vehicles. Improper distribution of UAM can result in a fine.

UAM may be distributed in accordance with the Distribution Standards Board Code of Practice.