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Driveways and Property Access

Construction and maintenance of driveways, property accesses, or pipe crossings are the responsibility of property owners.

Council has construction standards for driveways. It is particularly important that an access does not block a stormwater drainage flowpath or create a hazard for traffic or vehicular or pedestrian traffic.

Any construction on a road reserve (including road shoulders and footpath) requires Council approval prior to commencement of works. Approval can be sought for a driveway by completing the Road Work Permit Application Form as per details below.

Carrying out works in, on, over or under Council owned and maintained property

Application must be made to Council to carry out works on, over or under any road reserve. This is to ensure the required works can be carried out safely and not cause damage to Council's infrastructure, and any infrastructure in the road reserve continues to be safe for public use. Click here to visit the Road Work Permit page for more information.

For more information regarding fees and charges please visit the Fees and Charges page

Hinchinbrook Shire Council adopted a new vehicle access policy in July 2017.  The policy clearly defines responsibilities of the landowner and Council for the construction and maintain of a vehicle access. Click here to view a copy of the policy.