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Hazardous Waste

Hazardous waste relates to wastes which has the potential of being harmful to public health or the environment.

Wastes which may fall within this category include:

  • Contaminated wastes, including: contaminated soils, asbestos and dust and fly ash;
  • Liquid waste, such as: oils, grease traps, acids, wash waters, hydrocarbon wastes, solvents, detergents and surfactants etc;
  • Medical waste such as needles, soiled bandages, used surgical gloves, surgical instruments, body parts, body fluid samples, blood, pharmaceuticals, medical devices and radioactive materials; and
  • Electronic waste which contain hazardous substances such as lead and mercury, this includes: batteries and fluorescent lighting.
How to Dispose of Hazardous Waste

Hazardous waste cannot be placed within a normal wheelie bin, as this may have the potential to cause fires within the bin or the waste truck or contaminate other wastes around them. There is also no guarantee that no one would come into contact with said waste, which may be a risk if the waste is hazardous due to public health risk, or a spillage could occur which would result in the potential release of the hazardous waste into the environment.

When placing hazardous waste within the wheelie bin, please ensure only small amounts and that liquids are contained within sealable containers.

*The collection of CFLs at Warrens Hill Landfill and Resource Recovery Centre will be available soon.

Ammunition and Flares

Ammunition and flares cannot be disposed of within Warrens Hill Landfill and Resource Recovery Centre or your household wheelie bin, instead dispose via the following means:

  • Small arms ammunition can be disposed of via a nominated firearms dealer or by contacting the Explosive Inspectorate on 1300 739 868;
  • Out of date flare disposal locations are available via the Marine Safety Queensland website; and
  • Fireworks can be disposed of via the Explosive Inspectorate on 1300 739 868.

For more information click here https://www.qld.gov.au/emergency/safety/explosives-fireworks/explosives/disposing-of-unwanted-explosives.


Asbestos is widespread throughout the community. Some of its applications around the home (in houses built before 2003) are:

  • Roof sheeting and capping;
  • Fencing;
  • Lining under vinyl sheet flooring;
  • Wall sheeting;
  • Eave sheeting;
  • Carpet and tile underlays;
  • Switchboard backing boards; and
  • Cladding.

All asbestos waste is to be double-wrapped in 0.2mm thick plastic bags or sheeting, sealed with tape and labelled with an appropriate warning, such as:




Alternatively, asbestos waste can be placed into a plastic-lined industrial skip provided by a waste contractor with an environmental authority to transport regulated waste.

Material containing asbestos that measures less than 10m² (or 250kg) can be disposed of at the Warrens Hill Landfill and Resource Recovery Centre. Visit Council’s Waste Facilities and Fees page for information on fees and opening hours.

Note that any disposal of asbestos needs to be booked in with Council prior to arriving at the landfill as asbestos waste requires supervised special burial.

For more information on asbestos click here https://asbestosawareness.com.au/.


Household batteries can also be disposed of, for free, at the battery collection point located within the Foyer at Council’s Customer Service Centre.


The Commonwealth Department of Health provides funds to collect and dispose of unwanted and out-of-date medicines from the Australian community through the Return Unwanted Medicines (the RUM) project. Unwanted medicines can be taken to your local pharmacy, which will accept them at no charge.

Mobile Phones

Unwanted mobile phones can be disposed of, for free, at the mobile collection point located at Council’s Main Office, 25 Lannercost Street Ingham.