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Wheelie Bin Hire for Community Events

Council has blue wheelie bins available for use, and free of charge to Hinchinbrook Shire's non-profit and community organisations.

The following procedure must be adhered to when using the wheelie bins:

  1. The event organiser must make arrangements with Council to reserve the bins. Reservations will be placed in order of the receipt of requests made to Council. The $230.00 bond must be paid when lodging the application
  2. The bins are to be picked up from a designated storage location by the non-profit or community organisation
  3. After the event the bins are to be emptied by the user
  4. The bins are to be THOROUGHLY cleaned prior to returning them to Council
  5. The bins must be returned to the designated place of storage
  6. The event organiser is to contact Council and arrange a time for the bins to be inspected on return to the designated storage location
  7. Council will organise for the bond to be refunded, provided the bins are returned clean and in good condition

Please contact Corporate Services on 4776 4600 to make reservations for use of these wheelie bins.