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Hinchinbrook Shire Council offers a wide range of recycling facilities.

All households with a waste service are provided with a yellow lid wheelie bin for household recyclable waste. This bin is collected by Council’s waste contractor once a fortnight. Household recyclable waste includes:

  • Hard plastics numbered 1 – 5 including milk bottles & ice-cream containers
  • Paper
  • Aluminium and steel cans
  • Empty aerosol cans
  • Glass bottles and jars
  • Aluminium foil and trays.

Things NOT to put in your recycle bin include:

  • ceramics, crockery & glassware
  • soft plastics including plastic bags and cling wrap
  • food scraps
  • waxed cardboard
  • electronics
  • batteries
  • nappies

Additional recycling options are available at Council’s waste facilities free of charge:

  • lead acid batteries – Warrens Hill and Halifax
  • household batteries – Warrens Hill and Halifax
  • mobile phones, chargers and power cables – Warrens Hill and Halifax
  • steel – Warrens Hill and Halifax
  • approved drumMUSTER chemical containers (identified by the drumMUSTER logo) – Warrens Hill and Halifax
  • approved fertiliser bags – Warrens Hill and Halifax
  • waste oil – Warrens Hill and Halifax
  • household recycling – Warrens Hill and Halifax
  • E-Waste (televisions, computers, printers and accessories) - Warrens Hill

Information on Hinchinbrook Shire Council very successful drumMUSTER recycling program can be found on this ABC article.