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Category: Budget

Media Release - Mayors Budget Address 2018/2019

12th July 2018

I am pleased to present the 2018/2019 Budget.  It has been an extremely difficult budget to prepare, given the tight economic times facing the district at present and the largely unexpected changes by the Queensland Valuer-General to both rural and residential valuations – essentially sig...

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Media Release - Mayor’s Budget Address 2017/2018 - Budget focuses on the efficient delivery of infrastructure projects that will create local employ

29th June 2017

Today’s Budget provides for an average General Rate increase of 1.5% and increase to Utility Charges of 2% for Water and Sewerage and Waste Services.  These rating increases will nett Council an increased income of $313,000 over the 2016/2017 budgeted amount.  As total cash operating...

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Media Release - 2017/2018 Budget at a Glance

29th June 2017

1.5% General Rate increase. Water and Sewerage Utility Charges will increase as follows: Water Utility Base Charge: 2% ($7.30 a year) Average Domestic Water Consumption Charge: 2% Sewerage Utility Charge: 2% ($14.70 a year) Cleansing Charge: 2% ($4.70 a year) Waste Management Levy: 2% ($3.00 a y...

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Media Release - Major commitment to renewing ageing infrastructure.

29th June 2017

A key focus of the 2017/2018 Budget is the need to maintain and replace ageing infrastructure.  Council has budgeted in 2017/2018 to spend a very significant $4.718 million on Roads, Bridge Replacement and Drainage Projects and $360,000 on Kerb and Channel upgrades. In addition, $720,000 will b...

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Media Release - Council reigns in costs to deliver services to the community.

29th June 2017

A key highlight of the 2017/2018 budget is Council’s determination to keep tight control over operating costs. Despite the local government CPI increase being calculated at 1.74 % in 2017, Council was able to achieve a $287,000 decrease in overall total cash operating costs over the previous y...

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