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Council Connections - Mayor's Message 12 February 2020

12th February 2020

Flying Fox Update

Council has engaged Biodiversity Australia to assist with the planned attempt to disperse the flying fox roosts within our CBD with works commencing on Tuesday 11 February 2020.

Works will be conducted every morning until the conclusion of the project which is estimated around 29 February 2020. The work area will be highly dynamic and dependent on flying fox behaviour and movement. Set up for the works will begin approximately 4.30am each day which is one hour from dawn and disruptive works will commence close to first light and continue for one to two hours.

Biodiversity Australia will be utilising a number of techniques that may cause some disruption/disturbance to residents and members of the public in the area. Various audible (up to 100dB) and visual tools will be utilised by the ground team, including pyrotechnics and high intensity lights. It is recommended that all pets are secured during the operation times.

Throughout the course of the project Council and ground staff would appreciate that members of the public and local residents do not interfere with the colony or the works being undertaken.
It is expected that flying foxes will land in undesirable locations such as resident’s backyards throughout the relocation. Residents are asked that if the flying foxes do take up temporary residence in an undesirable location that the landowner/resident is patient as their location will be a focus of the following day’s works.

Council would like to strongly reinforce that any unintended landings on personal property will be temporary and residents attempting to disperse may hinder the project.

Council thanks residents for their support and assistance to date and requests the community’s cooperation throughout this process.

Should you wish to report animals that have taken up temporary residence on your property, or you require further clarification regarding the dispersal activities, please contact Council on 4776 4600 for the necessary assistance.

Disaster Preparedness

The recent weather conditions are a timely reminder for our community to ‘Be Ready’. Being Ready will make a world of difference for you and the people you care about during and after a disaster or emergency event.

To Be Ready you need to prepare your property and have your emergency kit ready. Emergency kits need to include provisions for at least 7 days including food and bottled water, any medicines you may need, provisions for pets and animals, a fully charged mobile phone with a SIM card, first aid kit, cash as ATM’s and EFTPOS may not be available for a number of days, a radio, toilet paper and torches. You can download your emergency kit checklist from Council’s website and build your kit so that you are prepared when the need arises.

Residents are reminded to become familiar with the Disaster Dashboard, which will be available on Council’s home page during a weather event, or can be found on the Disaster and Emergency Information page at all other times. During a disaster or emergency event, the Dashboard will provide you with information such as road conditions from the Department of Transport and Main Roads, power outages, Bureau of Meteorology updates and important links and contacts.

During a disaster or emergency event residents are reminded to check on their neighbours, especially those who are elderly or may live alone.

Other resources available on Council’s website can be found on the Disaster and Emergency Information page which hosts information about local road conditions, cyclone shelter information, Local Area Warden information, cyclone and flood information, checklists and important contacts.

Gilroy Santa Maria College Student Leader Inductions

On Thursday 6 February 2020 I had the privilege to attend the Gilroy Santa Maria 2020 leader’s induction ceremony. Congratulations to you all. I have no doubt that you all appreciate the responsibility entrusted upon you and that you will perform and discharge such obligations well. Good wishes to you all and may you have a happy and prosperous year.

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