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Council Connections - 16 December 2022

16th December 2022

Mayor's Christmas Message, Rates Incentive Winner, Santa Claus Photo Opportunity, Carols in the Park Wrap Up and Christmas Waste

Mayor's Christmas Message

I take this opportunity in the last message for 2022 to sincerely thank all those members of the community for their generosity and support of the Mayor’s Christmas Appeal.

On behalf of Councillors, thank you all for your assistance throughout the year.

I would like to recognise and thank all of our committed volunteers, staff, community groups and organisations and all our sporting committees who give up their valuable time to help others throughout the year. Thank you to all.

On behalf of Councillors and all staff, I would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

For those travelling away – travel safe and similarly for your family travelling here, I wish everyone a safe journey.

Temporary Changes to Operations at Warrens Hill Landfill and Resource Recovery Centre

Council would like to advise residents that the following services are temporarily discontinued at the Warrens Hill Landfill and Resource Recovery Centre, effective immediately:

  • DrumMuster collection;
  • Tyre disposal; and
  • Tip Shop services.

These changes are due to concerns of the stability of the embankment around the old landfill cell above the location of these services.

In the interests of public safety, Council has introduced an exclusion zone around the toe and batter of the slope.

As residents are aware, Council is required to meet environmental licensing conditions for the management of the Warrens Hill Landfill and Resource Recovery Centre and has been undertaking a landfill capping program.

For reasons yet to be determined, the cap has breached and resulted in slope slippage occurring.

Council is investigating and determining remediation actions required.

Council encourages community members to access the DrumMuster and Tip Shop services provided at the Halifax Resource Recovery Centre.

Council regrets any inconvenience that these changes will cause the community, however the safety of the public must always be paramount and the communities understanding would be appreciated.

Rates Incentive Winner

Congratulations to Dino Gatto who was the recent winner of the $2,000 Rates Incentive Scheme prize.

Mr Gatto opted to spread his cash prize locally between Wild Local, Halifax Meats, Canegrowers Mitre 10, Goodyear Autocare and Harvey Norman Ingham.

Mr Gatto was unable to collect his prize on the day, however Ms Pauline Mayne accepted on his behalf.

Pauline commented that the Rates Incentive Scheme is a fantastic initiative and Mr Gatto was extremely grateful and has already begun supporting local businesses and spending the vouchers.

Ratepayers who pay their Rates in full and on time are entered in the half yearly Rates prize draw. 

The prize is $2,000, which must be spent within the Hinchinbrook Shire. Council continues to facilitate the Rates Incentive Scheme in an effort to assist local businesses and encourage local spending.

Santa Claus Photo Opportunity

Council, in partnership with Hinchinbrook Blue Light Association, will be holding Santa photos at the Hinchinbrook Shire Council Foyer.

Santa's appearance times:

  • 10.00am to 12.00pm Friday 16 December 2022; and
  • 10.00am to 12.00pm Wednesday 21 December 2022.

Families can bring their children along and take their own family photos with Santa for a gold coin donation.

Carols in the Park Wrap Up

Carols in the Park was celebrated in Rotary Park on Sunday 11 December 2022.

Ingham was oozing Christmas Spirit on Sunday evening, when approximately 350 people swarmed to Rotary Park for the annual Carols in the Park.

More than 100 children were entertained with activities with our Maraka Queens and Princesses, face painting and by the appearance of the Grinch and Santa Claus making it a memory not to be forgotten.

The crowd was entertained by locals who performed, sang and danced.

Food and drinks were enjoyed by all with special thanks going to the Hinchinbrook Rotary Club for their support of this event.

It was a fantastic crowd, perfect weather, and a wonderful showcase of talent.

To view the images taken on the night, please visit Council's website, Image Gallery page.

Are You Thinking of Gifting a Dog This Christmas?

Before deciding on a pet as a gift this holiday season you need to be absolutely sure that the person or family receiving the animal will commit to its lifelong care.

Dog ownership is a responsibility that is often taken too lightly.

Dogs that are irresistible when they are puppies are often less irresistible when they grow up.

Before giving a dog as a pet, please consider whether the recipient: 

Has the capacity to pay for any veterinary and registration costs for the dog;

Understands the proper legal and medical requirements to keep a dog;

Has the capacity to provide proper dietary, exercising and grooming needs for the dog; and

Is not absent for extended periods of time, which may require kennelling costs.

Remember, a pet is a lifelong commitment, not just a gift for under the Christmas tree.

Christmas Waste

Christmas, the most wonderful (and wasteful) time of the year.

The Christmas season is fast approaching and whilst it is a wonderful time of the year, it is also a ‘wasteful’ time of year.

Australians are currently generating up to 30% more waste during the Christmas season.

Remember there are a few small changes we all can make that can help our Christmas celebrations be a bit more environmentally friendly:

Wrapping paper can be recycled through your yellow kerbside bin, even if it has sticky tape attached;

Send e–cards and emails instead of Christmas cards or catch up with far-away friends and family the old-fashioned way, by giving them a call; and

Take your waste with you if no bins are present, and keep our environment pristine by not littering.

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