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TYTO Precinct

TYTO is the eclectic and the unexpected; where the discovery of art, culture, nature and knowledge unfolds. It is a place of inspiration that honours, in name, the endangered Tyto Capensis Owl. TYTO is so much more than a wetland… Year round it plays host to a fusion of events, activities, workshops and tours. A perfect place to while away an hour or a day. A serene one hour drive north of Townsville, in the heart of Hinchinbrook…TYTO is the ideal way to take time out.


Opening Hours 

TYTO is open 365 days a year for you to enjoy. TYTO Precinct includes the Hinchinbrook Shire Library, TYTO Regional Art Gallery, TYTO Conference and Event Centre, TYTO Visitor Infomation Lounge, TYTO Parklands and TYTO Wetlands. 

A list of Opening Hours can be found by clicking the link below.

Opening Hours


Hinchinbrook Visitor Information Lounge - (07) 4776 4792

TYTO Conference and Event Centre - (07) 4776 4726 

Hinchinbrook Shire Library - (07) 4776 4614

TYTO Regional Art Gallery - (07) 4776 4725

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Join the FREE Hinchinbrook Shire Council Business Listing

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Community Events

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