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Media Release - Council Adopts 2024-2025 Budget and Operational Plan with a focus on Managing for Sustainability

3rd July 2024

At the Special Budget Meeting held today, Wednesday 3 July 2024, Council adopted the Budget and Operational Plan for 2024-2025.

In developing this Budget, Council has been determined to deliver a measured and responsible plan, mindful of the cost of living pressures both Council and our community face. “Faced with the obligation to make decisions that ensure the long term financial sustainability of Council, we have balanced this with the requirement to deliver meaningful services and infrastructure the community needs now and into the future” stated Mayor Ramon Jayo. 

The Budget outlines Council’s $45 million worth of projects and activities for the next financial year, including an $11 million Capital Works Program. Despite inflationary pressures and rising costs of wages, materials, electricity, and fuel, Council has worked hard to absorb these costs whilst maintaining existing services and keeping this year’s rates rise as low as possible. The general rates for an average residential home will increase by $1.10 a week, while the average increase in rates and charges Shire-wide is expected to be approximately $4.30 per week.

Council has retained the 10% rate cap for residential and farming communities, ensuring rates do not increase by more than 10%, regardless of changes in property valuations. Additionally, Council will continue to provide a rebate of 20% to a maximum of $200 for applicable pensioners, alongside State Government pensioner rebates.

Supporting the community further, Council is offering free disposal of domestic green waste and two free vouchers for general domestic waste disposal at Warrens Hill Landfill and Resource Recovery Centre and Halifax Resource Recovery Centre. Community and sporting organisations are encouraged to take advantage of generous rate concessions available to them.

Council is also supporting an active lifestyle by trialling free public access to the Ingham Showgrounds and offering significantly reduced fees for Ingham Showgrounds hire. The Operational Plan, closely aligned with the Budget, emphasises investing in staff and systems to improve service quality and responsiveness. Economic development is a key focus, alongside continuing usual business activities.

The 2024-2025 Capital Program, at a modest $11 million, balances new and continuing projects across various community assets. Major projects include:

  • Warrens Hill Landfill Cell One Capping Works - $3,027,431;
  • Upgrade of Copley’s Road Bridge $2,640,000;
  • 2024-2025 Fleet Replacement Program: $1,740,000;
  • Digital Telemetry System (SCADA) Upgrade: $750,000;
  • Lucinda Commercial Jetty Upgrade: $455,000;
  • Gravel Resheeting Program (across multiple locations): $450,000;
  • TechnologyOne and Systems Improvement Project: $400,000;
  • Installation of Roof Top Solar for the TYTO Precinct: $300,000;
  • Pavement renewal and widening along Cooks Lane: $300,000;
  • Annual Bitumen Reseal Program (across multiple locations): $246,000;
  • Pavement rehabilitation along Pappins Road: $213,462;
  • Reconstruction of the Taylors Beach Revetment Wall: $200,000;
  • Sewerage Pump Station Renewal Program: $165,000;
  • Hydrant Inspection and Flow Testing Program: $150,000;
  • Lucinda Foreshore Clearing and Mulching: $80,000; and
  • Mount Fox Campground Facilities Upgrade: $70,000.

“This budget balances our commitment to maintaining the lifestyle we enjoy in the Hinchinbrook Shire with the economic challenges we continue to face” Mayor Jayo emphasised.

Council will advocate strongly for the community in the upcoming Queensland State and Commonwealth elections. This financial year will be filled with unpredictable challenges within a global context, but our community will face these times together.

Acknowledging the efforts of all Councillors, our Finance team, and all staff involved, Mayor Jayo added, “it has been a tremendous team effort to prepare a Budget and Operational Plan that is responsible, responsive, and respectful of our community’s needs – now and into the future.”

The 2024-2025 Operational Plan identifies priority programs and actions to achieve corporate strategies, and links Council's long term strategic direction as set out in the 2021-2025 Corporate Plan. The Operational Plan is funded through the 2024-2025 Budget.

To view the 2024-2025 Budget and the 2024-2025 Operational Plan, please visit Council's website, Corporate Publications and Reports page.

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