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Media Release - Community Consultation on the Upcoming Coconut Palm De-nutting and Removal Strategy for Hinchinbrook

7th September 2023

Over the next couple of weeks, Council staff will be focussing on logging potential Coconut Palms for removal across the Shire, necessary to meet its sustainability goals as part of the longer-term Coconut De-nutting Program and Reduction Strategy that was adopted by Council in April 2022.

Coconut Palms identified for continued maintenance (de-nutting) or removal will be labelled with coloured flagging tape, and their respective locations entered into Council’s GIS database. Once complete, these maps will be made publicly available to garner community feedback after initial nominations are considered. Coconut Palms marked with red tape will be earmarked for removal, while those marked with green flagging tape are likely to be maintained.

Council will be consulting with potentially affected residents throughout this time, seeking any nominations for Coconut Palm removal in the first instance, based on size, location, or potential safety concerns. Further negotiation for maintenance of Coconut Palms due to aesthetic or historical value will be considered once the initial survey is complete. Should you have any particular concerns regarding Coconut Palms on Council managed land adjacent to your property, please contact Council’s Public Spaces Team Leader to discuss further or arrange and on-site meeting.

Residents are reminded that Council has set a quota for removals to achieve its sustainability objectives and has set a limit of approximately 300 for the number of Coconut Palms that it can afford to maintain into the future.

A final draft of the Coconut Reduction Strategy will be made available to the public via Council’s website, Public Consultation page in late September 2023.

Once consultation is complete, it is envisaged the next round of Coconut Palm removal works will commence in November 2023. 

For further information, please contact Council’s Public Spaces Team on 4776 4740.

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