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Media Release - The Buzz on Mosquito Management

7th February 2024

Recent heavy rains have led to a surge in mosquito populations across the district. Council is continuing to execute its systematic mosquito control program on Council land and select Unallocated State Land to help mitigate the annoyance of mosquitoes and prevent the transmission of mosquito borne diseases.

Council uses best practice chemical control methods that have been developed and approved specifically for mosquito control activities. This generally provides effective control whilst still protecting public health and our natural environment.

These control methods specifically target mosquito larvae in ponded water bodies and retard the larvae from maturing into adult mosquitoes. Through Council’s control program, fresh and saltwater sources are treated, including underground drainage infrastructure in built up areas.

Unfortunately, continuing heavy rains after application reduces the effectiveness of this control method, hence the perception of increased aggravation. Council does not conduct ‘knock down’ aerial fogging of adult mosquitoes within the Shire, as this method of control is relatively ineffective.

Although Council is already doing what it can to reduce mosquito populations in urban areas, residents are reminded that under the Public Health Regulation, householders have a responsibility to prevent mosquitoes from breeding on their property.

Simply cleaning up items that hold water or emptying out containers and disposing of palm fronds in and around your house significantly reduces the opportunity for mosquitoes to breed. Further, it prevents the risk of spreading mosquito borne diseases such as Dengue Fever and various viruses that can affect people’s health.

There are many options for people wanting to protect themselves against mosquitoes, including wearing long, light-coloured clothing, insect repellent, as well as knockdown and residual insecticides that are readily available from suppliers.

Low cost mosquito larvicide pellets (NOMOZ®) are available to purchase for $10 from Council’s Main Office located at 25 Lannercost Street Ingham.

Similar to the commercial products Council employs, NOMOZ® Pellets prevent mosquito larvae from developing into adult mosquitoes for up to six months and can be used in small natural and artificial water bodies around your property.

For further information, please contact Council’s Biosecurity Team on 4776 4740.

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