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Media Release - Mount Fox Wash Down Facility – Now Operational

15th November 2023

Powerlink Queensland, in consultation with Hinchinbrook Shire Council, has constructed a wash down facility at the Mount Fox Cricket Grounds as part of the Genex Kidston Renewable Energy Project. 

The aim of the wash down facility is to reduce biosecurity risks associated with the construction of the Genex Kidston Connection Project via the transportation of heavy machinery and vehicles, and ensure the spread of invasive species such as Parthenium and Gamba grass are not spread to and from Hinchinbrook.

The new wash down facility has been operational since mid September 2023 and is primarily utilised for the decontamination of construction machinery, but is also available to Rural Fire Services and the general public where required. 

Upon completion of Powerlink Queensland’s Genex Project (expected in mid 2024), the Mount Fox wash down facility may become a permanent feature if Council and the Mount Fox community accept to maintain it, which will provide an ongoing biosecurity asset for Hinchinbrook into the future.

For further information regarding Powerlink Queensland’s Genex project, please visit Powerlink’s website Genex Kidston Connection Project page.

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