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Media Release - Container Exchange (COEX) Pay-it-Forward Stations to Begin Trials in Late April 2024

18th April 2024

Research has shown that 86% of people report recycling at home but only 48% of people recycle when out and about. This means that most people want to do the right thing and recycle, provided it is convenient.

In public spaces, there is an expectation for a yellow lidded recycling bin option in addition to a red lidded waste bin. There are however challenges with this including:

  • Co-mingled recycling bins are often so contaminated the contents are sent to landfill;
  • Damage to bins and potential injury to individuals ‘bin diving’ for eligible 10 cent containers; and
  • Loss of recyclable materials being diverted to landfill from both the red and yellow bins.

One possible solution to these challenges is the use of Pay-it-Forward (PIF) stations.

These units are installed in locations where there is no recycling option or high yellow lidded bin contamination for the collection of eligible 10 cent containers.

Consumers can deposit and ‘donate’ their eligible containers and ‘pay-it-forward’ to anyone wanting to take them from the PIF units.

Successful Western Australian trials found PIF stations:

  • Increased container recycling rates;
  • Provided ‘pocket money’ for those in need;
  • Reduced litter in parks;
  • Reduced bin damage repair costs; and
  • Provided an easy and convenient way for consumers wanting to recycle but not interested in the 10 cent refund.

Council in partnership with COEX will commence trials of these units in Rotary Park in late April 2024.

Image: Container Exchange Pay-it-Forward (PIF) Station.

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