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Media Release - Community Notice: Flying Fox Management

14th May 2024

The Ingham township has experienced a significant influx of flying foxes in recent days. Residents are advised to stay vigilant as more flying foxes may arrive, necessitating increased management measures.

To address this issue, Council is increasing its efforts to disperse flying foxes from the urban footprint by use of audible deterrents such as bird fright. These operations will take place between 4.30am and 7.30am each day to deter the animals from roosting in undesirable locations. It is recommended that residents secure pets during the operation times.

While these measures may cause some inconvenience, Council urges the community to support their efforts for successful flying fox dispersal.

Private landowners are reminded that they can use non-destructive techniques to discourage flying foxes from settling in their trees, such as smoke, water sprinklers, visual deterrents, bright lights and noise-emitting devices.

Residents are advised not to handle flying foxes with bare hands for safety reasons.

For further information, please contact Council’s Natural Assets Team on 4776 4740.

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