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Current Works

Below is a list of current capital works scheduled to be carried out by Council within each financial year.

These projects are budgeted and adopted by Council prior to the commencement of a new financial year.

2016-2017 Capital Projects



17R1 Safety Amenity Improvement Program Completed
17R2 Insitu Stabilising of Class 5 Roads Current
17R3 Supplementary Road Rehabilitation Current
17R4 Ann Street Reconstruction Current
17R5 Abbott Street Rehabilitation Works Completed
17R6 Boards Road Drainage and Formation Works Completed
17R7 Willow Street Widen Eastern Side Completed
17B1 Bridge Inspections and Designs Current
17B2 Lagoon Creek Bridge Current
17B3 Lee Creek Bridge Current
17B4 Yard Creek Bridge Current
17KR Kerb and Channel Rehabilitation Program Current
17K1 Improvements to Non Compliant Crossings Completed
17FR Footpath Rehabilitation Program Current
17F1 McIlwraith Street - Townsville Road to Dutton Street Completed
17F2 Ingham Building Our Regions Footpath Current
17RS Annual Reseal Program Completed
17GRS Annual Gravel Resheeting Program Completed
17D1 Rehabilitation Program - Replace Grated Entry with Kerb Entry Completed
17D2 Urban Drainage Upgrade Program Current
17T1 Wallaman Falls Road Upgrades Completed
17T2 Mt Fox Road Upgrades Completed
17T3 Mt Gardiner Road Upgrades Current
15P1 Dungeness Boat Ramp Car Park Current
16D3 Ingham Drainage Improvements Current
16KRFR2 Footpath Rehabilitation Completed
16RS Reseal Program Completed
16KR1 & 16KR2 Kerb and Channel Rehabilitation Completed
16PR1 Parking Rehabilitation Completed
16K1 Kerb Crossing Improvements to Non-Compliant Crossing Completed
16APF Perimeter Fencing Airport Current
16D5 Origlasso Street Drain Completed
16D2 Forrest Beach Drainage Improvement Current
16D4 Halifax Drainage Improvement Current

2017-2018 Capital Projects



18R1 Safety and Amenity Improvement Program Current
18R2 Insitu Stabilising of Class 5 Roads Current
18R3 Nebbias Road Seal Extension Current
18R4 Barberos Road Rehabilitation to Rural Standard Current
18R5 Zammits Road - Ch 30 to Ch 1250 - Rehabilitation Works Current
18R6 Jourama Road - Ch 1500 to Ch 4300 Current
18R7 Lyons Street - Rehabilitation and Drainage Works Current
18T1 Wallaman Falls Road Current
18T2 Mt Fox Road Current
18T4 Hawkins Creek Road Current
18T5 Menzies Street Current
18T6 Furber Road Current
18T7 Abergowrie Road Current
18T8 Elphinstone Pocket Road Current
18B1 Bridge Inspections and Design Current
18B2 Baillies Road Bridge - Baillies Road Current
18KR Kerb and Channel Rehabilitation Program Current
18K1 Kerb Crossing Improvements to Non Compliant Crossings Current
18KR Footpath Rehabilitation Program Current
18P1 Ash Street Disabled Access Current
18RS Annual Reseal Program Current
18GRS Annual Gravel Resheeting Program Current
18D1 Drainage Rehabilitation Program - Replace Grated Entry with Kerb Entry Current
18D2 Drainage Upgrade Program - Works Current
18D3 Renouf Street - Drainage Upgrade Current
18LG Lucinda Groynes Current
18TBG Taylors Beach Dredging Current
18ESU Emulsion Storage Unit Current
17R10 Gort Street and Fanning Street - Road Widening Current
17R11 John Dory Street - Road Widening Current
17R8 Acacia Street - Road Widening and Footpath Current
17R9 Long Pocket Road Current
17F3 Forrest Glen to Leichardt Street Footpath Current

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