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Media Release - Next Phase Of The Coastal Hazard Adaptation Strategy Begins

Hinchinbrook Council

5th December 2018

Hinchinbrook Shire Council will begin phases 3 to 8 of the Coastal Hazard Adaptation Strategy (CHAS). The strategy, which aims to minimise risk to coastal communities within the Shire, will identify areas exposed to current and future coastal hazards including erosion and storm tide associated with rising sea levels, identify potential adaptation options and develop an implementation plan.

Mayor Ramon Jayo said that the CHAS was an important strategy for the district.

‘The Queensland coast is a highly complex and dynamic zone. The CHAS will assist and inform Council on approaches to minimise risks to existing infrastructure and properties; new development in areas expected to be at risk from coastal hazards, both now and through to the year 2100; and look to protect intangible assets such as environmental, social and cultural values.’

The CHAS, which forms part of the Queensland Government’s QCoast2100 Program, will look at both the frequency and intensity that potential coastal hazards could increase with rising sea levels, and more volatile climate variability.

‘Queensland Government policy calls for coastal hazard risks to be addressed in planning and development decisions. However, dealing with hazards on a development-by-development basis is inefficient and will not provide a suitable holistic outcome for at risk communities.  Adaptation strategies are intended to ensure a planned approach is taken to address coastal hazards for at risk communities for the immediate to long term’ Cr Jayo said.

The CHAS has been jointly funded by the Queensland Government’s QCoast2100 Program and Hinchinbrook Shire Council, total funding of CHAS is $446,780 with Hinchinbrook Shire Council contributing 2% of the total funding amount.

For more information about the QCoast2100 Program or the CHAS, please visit the QCoast2100 website, www.qcoast2100.com.au.

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