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Mayor's Message - Council Connections 2 December 2017

2nd December 2017

Storm Surge

Living in a cyclone prone region, we must be aware and prepare for threats that cyclones bring.

One such threat is Storm Surge – a storm surge is a rise above the normal ocean level as a result of onshore winds and/or reduced atmospheric pressure and generally accompanies a cyclone ashore.

A storm surge may cause tidal inundation of land area, particularly low lying areas around our beach communities and if you are in an evacuation zone, you should have an evacuation plan ready.

To be properly prepared you should know whether your property is likely to be affected by storm surge.  To assist you, Council has prepared maps called evacuation maps and which identify the risk of storm surge to your property and which will help you decide whether you need to evacuate or not.  You can find this information on Council’s website, Disaster and Emergency Information page.

Council also arranged for stickers to be placed in electrical meter boxes attached to homes in all our beach side areas. Check your meter box to see if you have a sticker indicating your evacuation zone. If you do not have a sticker, please notify Council on (07) 4776 4600.

Action to take now:

Identify your property on the Storm Tide Evacuation Map, or locate the evacuation sticker in your electrical meter box.

Remember and record the colour of your zone.

If in an evacuation zone – prepare an emergency evacuation plan, including where you might evacuate to and the primary and alternate routes that you might take.

Hinchinbrook Emergency Management Dashboard

Hinchinbrook Shire Council has recently launched the Hinchinbrook Emergency Management Dashboard. The dashboard will enable residents to access up to date information before, during and after an emergency event.

Information available includes emergency news, road conditions, river heights, power outages, emergency contacts, local radio station information and social media feeds for a number of important organisations and services. Access to the dashboard is available via Council’s website Disaster and Emergency Information page or via disaster.hinchinbrook.qld.gov.au.

Please take an early opportunity to look at the page and to acquaint yourselves with the features.

Cr Ramon Jayo


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