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Mayor's Message - Council Connections 11 September 2019

11th September 2019

Insurance Costs

Council continues to lobby the Federal Government to take action to address insurance premiums.
At a recent meeting, Insurance Council of Australia representatives informed that insurers were pulling out of areas and either not offering insurance or raising premiums to non affordable levels as the areas were “not profitable”.
Whilst we accept that all businesses are entitled to make profit, we do not consider it appropriate that insurers are allowed to pick and choose the areas in which they will or won’t operate to the exclusion of others, based on profitability.
Insurance has always been considered a broad based industry on the notion of risk share and the Federal Government must ensure against the ability to pick and choose areas of operation, when considering licenses to conduct insurance business.
We have very good local insurance brokers so please seek advice when renewing your insurances so as to maximize your protection at the best available price.

Digital News

Many people are expressing frustration about not being able to read local news digitally without having to subscribe and pay. Some even mention that they are missing out on the news because they do not have the equipment to subscribe.
Whilst I can sympathise with these people, it must be noted that the method of publishing news is a corporate decision made by the relevant publishing agencies.
Council is aware that many in our community are not connected to digital media and that is why Council continues to use traditional newspapers for its advertising and news needs.
The simple fact is that the use of social and digital media for news is a form of conditioning. Remember what a few banks did in our area recently. Taught everyone how to use internet and associated banking – then closed the walk in branches on the basis that they were no longer needed.
I accept that news in digital format is quick and convenient and is the way of the future and that people are entitled to choose as to how they receive their news. But I fear the day when our newspaper announces that there will be no more Herbert River Express “because everyone wants their news on smart phones”. No more newspaper and no more 4-6 jobs in the community. That is the dilemma we face with the technological world that is happening.

Community Volunteers

Volunteers are a very valuable and irreplaceable part of our community. Without volunteers the standards we enjoy would simply not be there. Whilst many volunteers offer their time and services to worthy organisations such as Meals on Wheels, Visitor Information Centres, Galleries, Libraries, sporting and community based organisations, many other people fly very much under the radar, on their lonesome, helping the community by doing a job or jobs that no one would really think about, but which really helps our life and amenity along.
You never notice these people and you really take what they do for granted. One of these people is Ellis Huddy. Ellis has been cleaning and disinfecting the rubbish bins at Mona on a weekly basis for years and years - under the radar without fear or fame.
Unfortunately, some people tend to throw their bait and fish scraps in the bins and without Ellis’ dedication one would imagine the smell and condition of the bins.
On behalf of our community a big shout-out and thank you to Ellis. We really appreciate your effort.
Ellis’ only request is that the people using Mona respect the bins and not dispose of fish scraps in same. ‘A good fisherman knows how best to use and dispose of fish frames’ said Ellis.
If you know any other unsung heroes in our community please let me know.

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