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When Do I Need Planning Approval?

Planning approval from either the Hinchinbrook Shire Council or the State will be required for any development that is categorised as assessable development. To determine if your development is nominated as assessable development you must review any proposal against the applicable provision of the planning scheme, State Development Assessment Provisions (SDAP) or other regulated categorising instrument.

Types of Assessable Development

The types of assessable development vary for each local government area. As a general rule, a development application must be lodged if you are:

  • building any free-standing permanent structure;
  • extending or raising an existing structure;
  • building a retaining wall over one metre high or a fence over two metres high; or
  • erecting signs.

You may also be required to lodge a development application if you are:

  • clearing native vegetation;
  • constructing a levee;
  • demolishing an existing building or structure (in part or in full);
  • changing the use of the land (e.g. a house to a block of units; an office to a retail shop; a wheat farm to a piggery);
  • altering the exterior of a heritage place; or
  • carrying out significant structural changes to an existing building.

Council officers are available to assist you in determining if an application will be required prior to commencement of any use or works.


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