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What is Accepted Development?

With the commencement of the Hinchinbrook Shire Planning Scheme 2017, a number of uses will become accepted development. If your development complies with the accepted provisions of any applicable codes, it would not require an application to Council. The accepted development provisions will deliver a good outcome for your site, and it is worthwhile to address the planning scheme during the design stage to try and ensure that the accepted development provisions are met.  This is time well spent and will potentially save you time and money in applications.

A proposal will be accepted development and will not require a development application if it complies with the:

  • definition for the use;
  • specific criteria in the relevant level of assessment table for the zone, and specified acceptable outcomes in the applicable zone code;
  • specific criteria in the level of assessment tables of any relevant overlay codes and general development codes; and
  • accepted development avoids the need for application fees and will save you 2-4 months of assessment time with Council.

Additional Notes

  • If there is an aspect of the design that does not comply with an accepted development provision, only that aspect of the design becomes assessable development e.g. if your development cannot meet the parking requirements, you would need to apply to Council for approval for a reduced parking amount; Council would not need to assess any other provisions.
  • Developer contributions (infrastructure charges), are applicable to both accepted and assessable development.
  • It is important to remember that even if your proposal is accepted development and does not need a development application, a building approval may still be required.

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