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Council Connections - Mayors Message 13 March 2019

Hinchinbrook Council

13th March 2019

Council Land Planning Decisions

There has been some talk recently over why the United Service Station remains closed following last month’s monsoonal event. Council understands that the company will shortly begin demolition and construction of a new service station on site. Exact timing is not yet known.

Did you know that Council makes all Planning Decision Notices available for public viewing on Council’s website? To view these visit the Decision Notices page under Planning and Development.


Council’s application to the Federal Government for funding for Cultural Heritage Clearance and car/boat parking facilities work at Dungeness under the Building Better Regions Fund has been unsuccessful. This decision is disappointing as such a project would have provided a significant enhancement to the existing amenities.

With a federal election due to be called soon, Council has submitted the additional following requests for assistance to our federal members and also members of other political parties vying for government.

Recommendations to the Federal Government are to provide the following: $300K in funding to undertake a Coastal Processes Assessment Study to improve access at Enterprise Creek, Dungeness; $750K in funding to undertake the business case for the establishment of a ramp and jetty at Forrest Beach; $750K funding towards heated silo storage facilities for pulse rice and grain production, and $450K in funding towards a business case for the establishment of an in-stream weir facility in the Herbert River.

Assistance on such projects will provide Council with a significant leg up towards delivering its key economic stimulus projects and diversification initiatives.

Chamber Meeting

It was good to see a large roll up at the Hinchinbrook Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Tourism meeting last Wednesday Night. Council provided Members with a detailed summary of the many Council projects currently underway, including but not limited to the Rotary Park Master Plan, CBD Toilet Block, Johnstone Street Carpark Shade Structures, Paluma to Wallaman Falls Trail and the Business Resilience Project. Council will continue to liaise with the chamber of commerce and other community organisations such as progress associations when meetings are held.

Agricultural Forum

I take this opportunity to remind everyone that Council will be hosting a free Forum on Thursday 4 April 2019 concerning opportunities to diversify agricultural activities in our district as a means of expanding our economy. The Forum, although Agricultural based, is open to everyone and not just farmers. As well as hearing about the nature of crops that we could grow in rotation with cane, speakers will also inform on work underway in areas of renewable energy and alternate product development value adding to existing cane crops. (see advertisement below)

We look forward to seeing you there. It is imperative we attempt to develop alternate industry complimentary to existing industries so that we can create new job opportunities for the district.

Building Compliance

A major source of angst for Council and many members of our community for a long long time has been the look and undesirable facades of various buildings. 

As many of you may not know, Council has no power to order or intervene in buildings on matters of aesthetics. Council cannot command for a building to be painted or to be made to look good. Council powers relating to buildings are restricted to matters of structural integrity.

Regulatory action taken in the past has failed on the grounds that buildings remain structurally sound, notwithstanding outside appearances.

Additionally it is not good practice to spend community money on non-community assets.  

Need to print the Council Connections page? Click on the link below for the printable version. 

Council Connections - 13 march 2019 

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