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Council Connections - Mayor's Message 5 June 2019

5th June 2019

The Army is coming

Council can now confirm that exercise Sea Raider 2019 will be taking place within parts of Hinchinbrook Shire and the Cassowary Coast region during the period 22 June 2019 to 7 July 2019.

Specific areas where the exercise will take place include Forrest Beach, Lucinda, Ingham Township, Abergowrie, Halifax and Taylors Beach.

Further details of the exercise, which will include a full scale beach landing of amphibious craft at Forrest Beach will be released closer to the event.

Fair Go For All Queenslanders

The recently held Federal election has well and truly stirred the people of Regional Queensland.

North Queensland is being urged to stand up for Regional Queensland through the “A Fair Go for all Queenslanders” campaign, commencing with the Queenslanders unite rally at Parliament House, Brisbane on 6 June 2019.

Council welcomes the opportunity to stand collectively with other regional communities in support of better investment and recognition of Regional areas.

Concerns abound that the forecast dramatic growth in the South East corner will suck population, money, lifestyle, health and education opportunities from the regions.

The regions need State and Federal level policy settings that actively nurture and sustain regional areas such as Hinchinbrook, to grow jobs and deliberately attract people rather than everyone settling in the South East.

All Queenslanders have the right to good jobs in their local communities through our major industries, and they deserve to benefit from the wealth their hard work creates for our State. We want a fair go for all Queenslanders, no matter where they live, and a fair share of the returns our local businesses produce through mining, farming, fishing, tourism and small business.

A petition to support the effort for better recognition is circulating and can be found on the Queensland Parliamentary website, E-Petitions page;


The e-petition is available for signing up until 16 August 2019 and will be tabled in Parliament and forwarded to the relevant minister for a response on the next scheduled sitting day of 20 August 2019.

Keeping of Animals

You will recall that Council recently undertook a survey to gauge community sentiment on current animal keeping legislation, particularly the number of animals that should be allowed on various properties of differing size.

The survey was triggered due to an ever increasing number of complaints concerning wandering dogs, barking dogs and dog attacks.

Results are in and of particular interest is the majority view that no more than two (2) dogs should be allowed on any one property at any one time.  Present Council legislation allows for more than two (2) dogs with a permit from Council.

Furthermore, 59% of survey contributors (89) believe that reducing the number of dogs allowed on a residential allotment will result in a reduction of barking dog complaints.

Full results of the survey will be made available next week.

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