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Council Connections - Mayor's Message 29 May 2019

29th May 2019

Council seeks support from re-elected Katter Party

Congratulations to Bob Katter and the Katter Australia Party on re-election as the Member for Kennedy.

Council looks forward to working with the Katter Party for the betterment of our Hinchinbrook region.  Our priorities for diversification and development were distributed to all candidates and sitting Ministers prior to the election and Council will vigilantly push for recognition and assistance.  Of immediate priority is support for our bio-precinct.

With a major issue for the Scomo Government being progression of a suitable Energy Policy it is imperative that agricultural product be included as a bonafide green energy source to enable appropriate investment in bio-technology, such as the proposed new mill in Ingham through NQBE.

A formal commitment to look at changes to Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) Funding Guidelines to enable such investments was made to us by the Honourable David Littleproud MP, then Minister for Agriculture and we very much look forward to working with the new Minister for Agriculture, the Honourable Bridget Mackenzie and the Katter Party in achieving this change in policy in the immediate future.

Automatic Water Meter Reading Project

Council will be proceeding with its works to replace ageing water meters throughout the reticulated areas of our district with modern smart meters, thanks to a State Government Grant of $651,948.23, to assist with the project.

The smart meters will be fully on line to Council’s digital water systems allowing Council to read meters online and monitor usage trends electronically without the need for physical reading.

The ability to be monitoring live will be a tremendous relief for many of our elderly ratepayers whom are unable to do so themselves, also saving many people from significant water bills arising from undetected water leakage.

With ageing infrastructure in many households, Council is observing an emergent trend of significant leakage occurring resulting in ratepayers incurring significant cost.

Virtual monitoring as this system allows, will put an end to that as irregular property consumption patterns will be instantly observable and property owners alerted of potential leaks immediately.

The system will also ensure cost savings to Council through elimination of two (2) yearly physical water reading activities and water production costs due to improved water leakage detection systems.

Agricultural Diversification Study

Council’s recently released Agricultural Diversification Study clearly identified industrial hemp as a potential crop for our district. For those of you whom saw Landline on Sunday 26 May 2019, the nature of potential products that can be derived from industrial hemp is growing rapidly, from building products to salad dressing – from breakfast cereal to clothing, to biodegradable fishing nets as an example.

We are keeping our eye on this. Getting early seed for trials is proving a little problematic.

Relay for Life

Well done Relay for Life. You defeated the elements to conduct another successful event this year. Relay for Life is the Cancer Council’s most successful fundraising program and is an opportunity for communities to remember, recognize and celebrate those whom we have lost to cancer, those who have overcome cancer, those that are undergoing treatment for cancer and all the people who have cared for and continue to care for and assist those people in need.

The generosity of people organising, promoting and taking part in such an event towards fundraising makes the journey for so many people so much easier. Much easier because the monies raised are devoted to further research and development and also to assist sufferers in the form of accommodation, information and a host of much other needy aides.

Safer Families Community Day Out

Congratulations to the Hinchinbrook Community Support Centre and assistants including Queensland Police Services and Queensland Emergency Management Services, on a successful Safer Families Community Day Out.

The information on domestic and family violence was topical, well presented and easily understood by the many in attendance.

The message is simple – do not tolerate domestic or family violence – not now, not EVER! Speak out, you will be heard.

For assistance with domestic or family violence, please contact the Hinchinbrook Community Support Centre on
4776 1822.

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