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Council Connections - Mayor's Message 22 July 2020

21st July 2020

Council are continuing with the installation of automatic water meter devices in the Hinchinbrook Shire.

This installation will require Council contractors and staff to have access to water meters. As many meters are located within fence boundaries, it is requested that during this period, acceptable access to properties be given to persons undertaking the work. Residents are also requested to suitably restrain dogs, if required. Removal of tall grass from around the water meter, and allowing the meter to be easily located, would also be appreciated.

Should a meter be inaccessible, residents will be notified, and Council will follow up with the property owner to resolve the matter.

Automatic water meter devices will provide residents and Council with the tools to monitor water usage. This can be used to identify and address water leaks which will conserve our precious resource and provide savings to water treatment costs.

During the automatic water meter device install, residents may be without water for up to one hour. Council apologises for any inconvenience caused and appreciates the community’s cooperation.
For more details about the project, please contact our Utilities Services team on
4776 4673.

The Hinchinbrook Automatic Water Meter Reading project is a joint initiative of the Hinchinbrook Shire Council and the Queensland Government.

Maraka Festival

It was disappointing to hear that Maraka would not be proceeding this year, but totally understandable having regard to the terms and conditions which event organisers would need to comply with.

In short, the Maraka Committee would need to ensure compliance with the numerous key principles and event specific health strategies, including but not limited to monitoring and maintaining physical distancing of 1.5m of event participants and compliance with the requirement of 4m2 per person across Rotary Park.

The logistics of ensuring compliance is well beyond the capacity of the dedicated volunteers that comprise our Maraka Committee and as I said, that is totally understandable. Maraka will however be back bigger and better next year.

Drainage Morehead and Davidson Streets completed

Construction works in the Davidson and Morehead Street areas to improve drainage and to ease the flow of water produced by the Davidson Street culvert are progressing. These works are part of Council’s ongoing commitment to improve drainage throughout the district.

Trebonne Footpath Connectivity Project

Footpath construction works at Trebonne have commenced. This path once completed will connect footpaths alongside Abergowrie Road, Stone River Road, Rankin and Gorton Streets to each other, in turn creating a highly usable circuit for all residents in the area. The project is expected to be fully completed by the end of July and includes driveway improvements where necessary and for enhanced vehicle and pedestrian safety, as well as sealed road widening at the intersection of Rankin Street and Stone River Road.

Wayfinding Signage

Installation of wayfinding signage to assist visitors to our district in navigating their way around our community attractions has commenced. Signs have been installed at Macrossan Avenue, corner of Townsville Road and Macrossan Avenue, in front of the Visitor Information Centre and the TYTO RV Park.

ABC Local Radio Upgrade

BAI Communications (BAI) is investing in constructing a new mast to deliver the ABC Local Radio service to Townsville and surrounds, including the Hinchinbrook Shire.
The existing mast was built in 1959 and stands at 198m tall. It will be replaced with a new 236m guyed mast designed to be more resilient against challenging weather conditions such as tropical cyclones. Replacement of the mast ensures longer term continuity and increased reliability of the ABC Local Radio service in this region.
BAI will begin the process of replacing the existing mast on 21 July 2020, with completion scheduled for 30 October 2020, subject to weather.
Disruption to normal programming and service is not expected to occur during replacement works.

Canegrowers AGM

Just a reminder to all growers that the Herbert River Canegrowers Annual General Meeting will take place at the Noorla Bowls Club on Monday 24 August 2020 from 7.00pm.
There is a lot going on in the industry at present including discussions on reef regulations, so it is important that we keep up to date and knowledgeable on current events to support our industry.


To ensure the ongoing safety and reliability of Powerlink Queensland’s high voltage electricity network, low-flying helicopters will carry out routine maintenance inspections of transmission lines across Far North Queensland during July through to August, weather permitting.

These inspections are an essential part of Powerlink’s maintenance activities, with the aim to carry out works with minimum disruption.

During the aerial inspections, the helicopter pilot will seek to maintain the maximum distance practically possible from houses, livestock and crops. Local residents may see the helicopter moving relatively quickly and at a low level along the transmission lines, and in some instances, it may need to pause to enable closer inspection of the lines.
Landholders with an easement on or near their property can register their contact details to receive more information about upcoming patrols in their area. Visit the website www.powerlink.com.au/helicopter-activities or freecall 1800 635 369.


The Queensland State Emergency Service (SES) is seeking to re-establish the Halifax SES Unit. If you are interested in being a part of a valuable community service in the Lower Herbert community, please attend the session being held on Thursday 27 August 2020 at 6.30pm, at the Blue Light Hall, Argaet Street Halifax.

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