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Council Connections - Mayor's Message 15 July 2020

15th July 2020

Council will soon call tenders for the works associated with expansion of the Dungeness Boat Ramp car parking facilities.  Expected completion of this project is December 2020. 

The parking facility will be expanded by 140 parking bays and will include an additional boat wash down area, security and viewing platform.  

This project is being funded through the Queensland State Government 2020-2021 COVID Works for Queensland program and will generate 10 jobs during construction to help with the district economic recovery process. 

Dungeness/Lucinda has become a significant regional recreational marine port of access. Planned works will provide the extra parking room needed to avoid congestion of the area with trailers parked beside Dungeness Road, almost to the Lucinda Hotel.

Council’s endeavours to improve all tide access at Dungeness for the benefit of residents and visitors is continuing with Council forging ahead in addressing all of the legislation and environmental issues required to enable dredging of a small channel within Enterprise Creek to occur. The project, which includes installation of a 200m sea wall to support the dredging, is now one step closer as Council was recently successful in securing tenure to the foreshore adjacent the creek and spit area.

Under existing legislation, the relevant State Government Departments have been unable to consider any application by Council, due to absence of interest in adjoining land.  

Refurbishment of Sewerage Pump Station

Kieta Services of Hardy Street Ingham have been awarded a contract by Council in the sum of $347,000 to undertake refurbishment of the sewerage pumping station located at Fairford Road Trebonne. The pump station, constructed in 1978, is over 40 years of age with all internal structures, pumps, pipelines and switchboards requiring refurbishment to enable continuation and serviceability of the system into the future.

The works were originally identified and programmed in accordance with Council’s Asset Management Plan and will be undertaken during the next few months.

RADF Project Approvals

Council, at its meeting held 30 June 2020, approved the recommendation from the RADF Committee to fund two specific projects submitted by the Australian Italian Festival Committee to the value of $6,720 (excl GST).  The applications Window in Time and Landmarks of Italy are intended to preserve and promote the culturally significant history of the Herbert River district given its close connection and association with the Italian culture.

Research of Potential Alternate Crops

Council has resolved to enter into a Collaborative Agreement with the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF) for the purpose of undertaking research, development and promotion of potential alternate crops in the Herbert River district to be grown in rotation to and complementary to existing sugar cane operations. The offer from DAF was forthcoming following Council’s unsuccessful application for funding to the Queensland Rural and Industry Development Authority for assistance in the establishment of district grain storage and drying facilities to facilitate handling and processing of crops such as pulse, dryland rice and peanuts.

Council’s intent with the application for funding was to support its promotion of cultivation of alternative crops utilising current sugar cane fallow practices. The objective of Council’s endeavours with the application is to create additional cash crop opportunities for the district, increasing job and employment opportunities.

Whilst the State was appreciative and supportive of the intent of the application, it indicated as part of its refusal, that it could not be approved as against other applications for similar competing funds, given immediate creation of job opportunities. However, in view of Council’s endeavours to create a new industry, the State has facilitated funding to assist Council in development of the industry for the purposes of meeting its objectives.

Tourism Signage Installation

Signage has been installed at the Herbert Street shelters, detailing the many and varied attractions throughout our magnificent district to entice visitors to explore and stay longer in our region. The signage showcases the Hinchinbrook Way lifestyle through how we live, shop, taste, adventure, explore and experience. 

Congratulations Mrs Castorina

I had the pleasure on Sunday 28 June 2020, of acknowledging the efforts of a wonderful lady in the beautification and maintenance of Periwinkle Park at Lucinda, as a community garden for the benefit and enjoyment of the community.

Mrs Lia Castorina has resided at Patterson Parade Lucinda for over 40 years and during that time, has devoted significant time and effort with her own resources and cost in transforming the non-descript park land into the colourful feature it is today.

Mrs Castorina’s efforts were formally acknowledged by the Lucinda Progress Association and Council, by the placement of a garden seat in her honour.

On behalf of our community, I sincerely thank Mrs Castorina for her tremendous efforts towards improving the amenity at Periwinkle Park.

Ingham Picture Theatre

Great to see that movies are back, week commencing 16 July 2020.

COVID-19 Staying Vigilant

Just a reminder that we need to remain vigilant about protecting ourselves from the risk of contracting COVID-19. Unfortunately, as can be observed from the happenings down south, significant risk of transmission is still real.

Restrictions on travel from hotspots are in place with Government and Health Authorities continuing to act in the interests of public health and economy. But we can’t rely on others alone. We must do what we can to protect ourselves as well by continuing to observe the protocols that have served us well to date.

The social distancing, the continual washing of hands, proper cough etiquette and most importantly, staying home from work or any form of socialisation if you are sick or have any symptoms whatsoever. Let’s stick with the plan and take the precautions we can.

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