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Council Connections - 7 August 2019

7th August 2019

Australian Italian Festival

Council has received some very positive feedback from visitors to Ingham during the annual Australian Italian Festival. Visitors reported that they had a wonderful experience throughout Hinchinbrook whilst visiting for the Festival. Positive feedback has been received via our Information Centre and shop owners. The visitors also commented that they met many wonderful and friendly locals and want to come back again in the future.

Many thousands of people visited the Festival and surrounding community areas throughout the weekend. The Festival is a great celebration of not only our heritage but also our community in general. Council will continue to work with the Festival Committee in an endeavour to ensure the Festival has another successful 25 years.

The feedback is a credit to our town, our retailers and the organisers of the Festival. Congratulations on a job well done, we look forward to another wonderful event next year.

District Dog Attacks

I would like to remind dog owners of the hefty fines that can be imposed on irresponsible pet owners. 

Dog attacks are serious and it is the responsibility of dog owners to make sure that their animal is secured appropriately, ensuring that it cannot escape their property or wander away.

Fines for a roaming dog begin at $261 and can escalate significantly for dog attacks that cause death or serious injury to a person.

Owners need to make sure that their animal cannot escape when they are at work or away from the home.

An excited dog on the loose can easily be attracted to other dogs in the neighbourhood, someone innocently walking past, or children playing on their bikes and this can unfortunately lead to a dog attack.

Check your gates and fences and make sure they are secure. Ensuring your animal is microchipped and registered will also assist in reuniting you and your animal if your animal does get out.

Queensland Councils have a low tolerance for dogs that escape and attack people or other animals without provocation. In those circumstances there is provision for the dog to be declared a Regulated Dog, which incurs strict guidelines for the pet owner, particularly relating to animal enclosures, or in some cases euthanisation of animals.

For more information regarding Animal Regulations and Registrations please visit Council’s website, Pets and Animals page.

Water Security Project

I am pleased to advise that the Hinchinbrook Water Security Project is progressing well despite rain disruptions throughout the process. The project involves the upgrade of the existing Ingham Water Treatment Plant (WTP) to allow for additional storage onsite as well as the construction of a new raw water bore and associated delivery pipeline to the WTP. A new treated water storage lagoon and network delivery infrastructure is also included.

The project is on schedule for completion, including commissioning, by December 2019. The construction of such a facility will secure water supply infrastructure for our community for many years.  

The Hinchinbrook Water Security Project is jointly funded by Council and the Queensland Government through the Building Our Regions Program.

 A further update will be provided throughout construction as works continue.

Need to print the Council Connections page? Click on the link below for the printable version. 


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