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Council Connections - 23 February 2023

23rd February 2023

Crocodile Sighting, Roaming Dogs, Council's Battery Recycling Points, Water Meter Replacements and Calling Fitness Providers

Crocodile Sighting

Residents are to be aware of a recent crocodile sighting that occurred on Tuesday 21 February 2023 on Euclid Street Ingham.

The sighting has been reported to the Department of Environment and Science and is currently under investigation.

Always remember that no natural waterway in "crocodile country" is ever 100% risk free, and the public should remain Crocwise at all times when in and around crocodile habitats.

Services Temporarily Discontinued at the Warrens Hill Landfill and Resource Recovery Centre

Council would like to remind residents that the Tip Shop service is temporarily discontinued at the Warrens Hill Landfill and Resource Recovery Centre, effective immediately.

These changes are due to concerns of the stability of the embankment around the old landfill cell above the location of this suspended service.

In the interest of public safety, Council has introduced an exclusion zone around the toe and batter of the slope.

As residents are aware, Council is required to meet environmental licensing conditions for the management of the Warrens Hill Landfill and Resource Recovery Centre and has been undertaking a landfill capping program.

For reasons yet to be determined, the cap has breached and resulted in slope slippage occurring.

Council is investigating and determining remediation actions required.

Please note that operating hours at Halifax are:

  • Monday and Tuesday - Closed;
  • Wednesday - 8.30am to 1.30pm;
  • Thursday - 8.30am to 1.30pm;
  • Friday - 12.30pm to 5.30pm;
  • Saturday - 7.30am to 5.30pm (closed between 12.00pm and 1.00pm); and
  • Sunday - 12.30pm to 5.30pm

Please be advised that the Halifax Resource Recovery Centre is closed on all Public Holidays.

Council regrets any inconvenience that these changes will cause the community, however the safety of the public must always be paramount and the communities understanding would be appreciated.

For more information about the Halifax Resource Recovery Centre, visit Council's Waste Facilities and Fees page on www.hinchinbrook.qld.gov.au.

Roaming Dogs

Local Law surrounding roaming dogs are in place to ensure public safety and to allow uninterrupted use of public spaces.

If a dog is identified as roaming it may be impounded and all reasonable attempts to locate an owner will be made prior to being rehomed.

To avoid this happening to your beloved pet, ensure your yard is adequately secured to safeguard against escape attempts.

If you take your pooch outside of your yard, make sure you have attached a lead to them and that you are holding onto the lead.

Dogs are required to be registered and microchipped under the Animal Management (Cats and Dogs) Act 2003.

Please look after your pet to avoid costly fees and penalties.

Council's Battery Recycling Points

Did you know that if recycled, 95% of a battery’s components can be turned into new batteries or used in other industries?

But when dumped in landfill those valuable elements are lost forever.

Discarded batteries can leach hazardous materials and pollute the environment, especially groundwater and waterways, so why not recycle them instead?

As part of Council’s commitment to reducing hazardous waste to landfill, we have teamed up with battery recycler Ecobatt to add more battery drop off points around the Hinchinbrook Shire.

These receptacles accept domestic batteries of all types (and mobile phones) but not the large lead acid batteries from vehicles.

They also accept faulty or broken rechargeable batteries from cordless hand tools such as drills.

Council battery recycling locations are as follows:

  • Foyer of the Shire Hall on Lannercost Street;
  • Hinchinbrook Shire Library;
  • Hinchinbrook Visitor Information Centre;
  • Warrens Hill Landfill and Resource Recovery Centre; and
  • Halifax Resource Recovery Centre.

There is also a battery recycling station located near the checkouts of Woolworths Ingham the next time you are shopping.

Water Meter Replacements

Residents are advised that between Monday 20 February and Friday 3 March 2023, contractors will be undertaking the warranty replacement of water meters that have been identified as not functioning as intended in the Shire.

In most cases, the installation of the new smart meter will take less than 30 minutes, with the water to your property being shut off for about 15 minutes.

Should you require any further information or clarification concerning this matter, please contact Council’s Utility Department on 4776 4771 for the necessary assistance.

Calling Fitness Providers

Council is seeking Expressions of Interest (EOI) for providers who can deliver physical activities within the Shire as part of the 2023 Hinchinbrook Health and Wellbeing Program.

To submit your interest, complete the form by 5.00pm Monday 27 February 2023 at https://bit.ly/3lMAzWg.

Round Three Active Clubs Funding

The Active Clubs program will provide funding to local and regional sport and active recreation organisations to support training an education for volunteers, volunteer recognition, equipment, and opportunities for participation.

Funding up to $2,500 is available to support projects that provide responsive assistance to clubs and organisations.

Applications close 5.00pm Wednesday 1 March 2023.

For more information or to apply, visit https://bit.ly/3SkpQyv.

Clean Up Australia Day 2023

Thinking of volunteering in this year’s Clean Up Australia Day?

Sunday 5 March 2023 is approaching fast so it is your final chance to join a local Clean Up event.

If you cannot find a clean-up near you why not create your own?

Grab your friends, family, neighbours and local community and join or create your own clean-up online at https://bit.ly/3SeOHnj.

School Zone Introduction - Abergowrie State School

Council wishes to advise that a School Zone will be installed around Abergowrie State School in the coming weeks.

The school zone will impose a reduced speed limit of 60km/h during the hours of 8.00am to 9.00am and 2.30pm to 3.30pm on school days.

Safety concerns were raised to Council by members of the public regarding the safety of children walking and riding to school along Abergowrie Road, which is currently an 100km/h speed zone.

With the introduction of a kindergarten program and an increase in student numbers this year, it was agreed that a school zone was necessary to protect the school children’s safety.

Council would like to thank you for your cooperation during this necessary phase of works.

For further information on current roadworks, please visit Council's website, Roadworks page or contact Council.

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