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Council Connections - 9 September 2020

9th September 2020

Congratulations to Scott Gibson Builders and Tony the Barber!

Congratulations from Mayor Jayo.

Scott Gibson Building

Congratulations to Scott and Danielle Gibson of Scott Gibson Building, as winners of the Master Builders North Queensland Housing & Construction Awards for building Health Facilities up to $5 million.

The quality of design and work that produced the Ingham Health Hub is simply outstanding. It is testament to the talent we have here in Hinchinbrook, local grown talent that can deliver the best quality of product throughout the North.

Tony the Barber

A belated congratulations to Tony the Barber for achieving 40 years of continuous service attending to the hair affairs of our district. Tony has enlightened many a client with not only their hair, or lack of hair problems, but with much authoritative information on just about any fact of life, political or otherwise as all good barbers should.

That is why Tony is regarded as the King of Barbers and we wish him all the best for another 40 or so snipping years.

Taylors Beach Dredging

The project has now been completed successfully with approximately 4,000 cubic metres of sand removed from the channel.
The good news is that the amount removed has not increased each time the dredging activity is undertaken.
This indicates the operation is successful and is sustainable in the long term.

Storm Water Program

There is a complex stormwater network across various areas of the Shire.

During a recent inspection on select older pipes, using closed circuit television (CCTV), it was identified that several pipes contained structural defects indicating they were nearing the end of their design lives.

In a bid to be proactive, Council has commenced a 10 year maintenance program to address root intrusion and sediment ingress that ultimately reduces the capacity of the network.

The planned relining of stormwater pipes will complete a structural refurbishment of the pipes giving them another 50 years of expected life.

Waste Support Program

Currently a range of waste support programs are provided on an annual basis within the Hinchinbrook Shire such as:

  1. Hard Rubbish Support Program – is specifically aimed at assisting residents of the Shire, mainly the elderly and disadvantaged members of the community, who are unable to deliver large household items to the transfer stations themselves. Further information on how to register will be provided for those who wish to participate in this program in October 2020;
  2. Rural Clean-Up Program – assists residents in rural areas by providing skip bins at selected locations for the collection of general waste items and scrap metals. The program is planned to commence in October 2020;
  3. School Holidays Bin Program - larger than normal amounts of waste are generated during school holidays. In an effort to alleviate the impacts of overflowing bins and littering additional bins are being placed at key tourist areas; and
  4. Community Clean-Up Support – is provided to assist eligible community not-for-profit groups with waste disposal and clean-up activities. Council’s contribution to clean-up activities emphasises Council’s commitment to meet its obligations as a Reef Guardian Council.

The Hard Rubbish Support Program and the Rural Clean-Up Program are both offered by Council to assist residents in preparing for the upcoming cyclone season.

Both programs are generally completed in November before the wet season commences.

Should you require any further information or clarification of any of these programs, please contact Council on 4776 4600.

Land Dealings

Council recently considered a request from Department of Natural Resources Mines and Energy, seeking views and recommendations concerning a request from Department of Environment and Science, to acquire part of Lot 35 on CWL3002 Jacobsen Track Yuruga, for inclusion into its Protected Area Estate.

Council did not support the inclusion of part of Lot 35 on CWL3002 (85ha) into the Protected Area Estate and request that Reserve for Camping remain in Trust to Hinchinbrook Shire Council.

There is ongoing evidence suggesting National Parks within Hinchinbrook Shire are struggling to be maintained to a satisfactory standard at present, due to lack of funding.


This Thursday 10 September 2020 is R U OK? day.

Got a feeling that someone you know or care about it isn’t behaving as they normally would? Perhaps they seem out of sorts? More agitated or withdrawn? Or they’re just not themselves. Trust that gut instinct and act on it.

You don’t need to be an expert to reach out - just a good friend and a great listener.

Use these four steps and have a conversation that could change a life:

1. Ask R U OK?;

2. Listen;

3. Encourage action; and

4. Check in.


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